Alabama Football: A-Day crowd criticism is unnecessary

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Don’t mention the Alabama football crowd from Saturday

Fan loyalty is a major topic in college football. Everyone wants to say that they have the best fans. They’ll point to how fans travel for games or the fact that they are loud on every Saturday. Alabama football fans receive criticism on this front often, but the critiques from the A-Day game are not necessary.

Nick Saban asked for a large crowd for the 2022 A-Day Game. He mentioned how the schedule was not ideal, but he asked for fans to come show support for the players. However, the Tide had a turnout that was less than stellar. There were plenty of empty seats for the whole game.

Some criticized Alabama football fans, including the Saturday Down South page on TikTok. They called fans “spoiled” and said that they could not care less about a spring game because Alabama is too good.

This is a ridiculous take for multiple reasons. For starters, it was Easter weekend. Fans had travel plans for the next day, and it can be hard to take two trips in one weekend. With gas prices, it is even tougher. The game is free, but the trip is not.

Also, the weather was bad all weekend. It was projected to rain and possibly thunder through the game. There were questions as to whether the game would be played, so many fans decided to not go in case it was canceled. Even though the game was played, the conditions were not enjoyable to watch in person when you could simply watch and support from home.

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You can say that Alabama football fans are entitled or spoiled. You can criticize fans for plenty of things in the world of college sports. However, using the attendance from a spring game the day before Easter and during a downpour is a stretch.