Alabama Football: How Will Anderson Jr. can win the Heisman

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Alabama Football has the two best players in college football. There is one on each side of the ball. One of the Crimson Tide’s sensational duo has already won a Heisman. The other one deserves to be in serious consideration for 2022.

Of course, the two guys are Bryce Young and Will Anderson Jr. Early Heisman odds are of little value. The Heisman Trophy is not given as a career award. It is given to the most outstanding player in college football in a given season.

To win the Heisman a second time, Bryce Young will have to play at least as well as he did last season. It is more likely Bryce would have to surpass his last season performance. And at the least, the Crimson Tide will need to be a top playoff contender.

Ballots will be distributed beginning Nov. 28 this year. The finalists will be named on Dec. 5, with the award ceremony on Dec. 10. Some number of votes will be submitted before the conference championship games have been played.

It will be said over and over that Bryce Young will not win again – no matter how well he plays in 2022. Since the first winner in 1935 (Jay Berwanger), the only player to win twice has been Ohio State running back, Archie Griffin in 1974 and 1975.

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Being Alabama football players is an obstacle

That fact will not keep Bryce from winning again. What will more likely block Young or Will Anderson Jr. from winning in 2022 is that they are Alabama football players. Especially from other regions of the country, some Heisman voters will not be able to accept three Alabama football players winning in three consecutive years.

Another opinion that will be shared over and over is that Will Anderson Jr. also cannot win because he is a defensive player. A defensive player did win a Heisman, once. It was Charles Woodson in 1997. Woodson got an extra boost from also being a returner.

A fanciful idea is that during a few easy wins this season, Nick Saban should let Will Anderson play tight end as well as linebacker. Three or four touchdown receptions by Anderson might put him over the top. Actually, such a thought is beyond fanciful, it is nonsensical. Having Will Anderson in game action, for even one more play than necessary, would be a foolish injury risk.

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Instead of another Crimson Tide Heisman celebration, two young men and the legions of Crimson Tide fans will have to accept neither of the best two players in college football will win the 2022 Heisman.