Alabama Football: 3 bold predictions for 2022 NFL Draft


What will happen with Alabama football’s draft prospects?

We are counting down the hours until the 2022 NFL Draft, and Alabama football players still don’t know where they will go. We have vague ideas of what rounds some players will be drafted, but the beauty of the draft stems from the chaos that always ensues.

Bold things always happen, and they seem to usually involve Alabama football’s draft prospects. The Falcons paid a king’s ransom to trade up for Julio Jones. The Raiders turned heads by drafting Alex Leatherwood in the first round. Tua was at the forefront of drama when he was drafted above Justin Herbert.

What will be the bold moves of this year’s NFL Draft? Here are three predictions that involve Alabama football players.

The Chiefs trade up for Jameson Williams

Jameson Williams has the talent necessary to be the first receiver drafted, but he might slip because of his injury in the postseason. Still, plenty of teams will be trying to take him outside of the top 10.

The Chiefs have plenty of picks, and they should be looking to trade up to take an elite player. After losing Tyreek Hill, taking someone like Williams would make plenty of sense.

The Patriots draft John Metchie in the 2nd round

John Metchie feels like a Patriot. He played well with Mac Jones during their time in Tuscaloosa, and that Alabama football connection could be potent in the NFL. The Patriots need a receiver, but they could add players at other positions in the first round. Metchie should be available in the second round, and the Patriots will know plenty about him.

10 Tide players will be drafted

Alabama football has 12 players with a chance of being drafted this year. As I see it, nine are definitely going to be drafted. After that, Slade Bolden, LaBryan Ray and Chris Owens will be waiting in the wings. All will likely find a spot on a practice squad, but I see at least one of them being drafted.

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Alabama football has an exciting weekend ahead, and these bold predictions could determine what happens in the draft.