Alabama Football: 2022 NFL Draft drinking games

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

What are some Alabama football drinking games?

The 2022 NFL Draft is finally here, and Alabama football fans cannot wait to hear Tide players’ names called tonight. Fans will be watching around the country to see how things shake out, and parties will be held in every city.

The NFL Draft is an event, and events like this come with a chance to get a little rowdy. Assuming you are in a safe situation to do so and you have a plan to get home safely, here are some rules for a drinking game this year. You can pick and choose from this list and add some rules of your own.

Take one sip if…

Nick Saban is shown with an Alabama football player.

Alabama’s history of first-round picks is mentioned.

A draft prospect’s significant other makes the moment about them instead of the draft prospect.

Any member of the media says, “Now, here’s a guy…” to describe a player.

Any cliches are used to describe a white player (sneaky athletic, son of a coach, plays the game the right way, high motor, high IQ, etc.).

They show Evan Neal’s box jump video.

Take two sips if…

Someone calls Alabama football “WRU.”

A player gives the commissioner a bear hug

Mel Kiper calls a selection “a bit of a reach.”

Someone calls Jameson Williams “a matchup nightmare” or “scheme agnostic.”

Someone mentions Tua’s arm strength despite the fact that the Dolphins don’t have a pick in the first two rounds.

The Eagles or Patriots draft a receiver to “give Jalen/Mac weapons.”

A player cries (finish your drink if they cry because they’re playing for the Jets).

Finish your drink if…

Highlights of the National Championship are shown (this is for your own benefit as an Alabama football fan).

Jameson Williams does the crane pose on the stage.

Nick Saban makes a joke (this means it’s game over for other teams in 2022).

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This should at least give you a baseline for the 2022 NFL Draft, and please enjoy your night responsibly.