Last call for Alabama Football NFL Draft predictions


A couple of weeks ago I expressed some confidence the Alabama Football team record of 12 players selected in one Draft could be matched this year. Having now labored through a chunk of what real Draft experts think, my optimism has faded.

Though I have checked on the latest mock drafts of numerous experts with credible track records, I can’t find anyone suggesting LaBryan Ray, Daniel Wright and Chris Owens will be selected. Compared to being chosen in the 6th Round and even more so in the 7th Round, the trio would be better off signing undrafted free agent deals. At least with the UFAs, the player can normally choose among multiple teams, trying to gauge his best chance to make a roster.

The prospects for Slade Bolden appear to be slightly higher, though he was in few of the mocks I reviewed and when he was, it was the seventh round. A UFA deal would likely be better for him as well.

Let me be clear, I did a lot of searching for Draft information, but considering the volume of coverage must be a few billion words, I might have missed reasons to be more confident about Ray, Wright, Owens and Bolden.

Alabama Football guys who will be drafted

For the record, my prediction is nine and at least eight are what I consider locks.

  • Evan Neal will not slide due to this week’s rumor of a medical issue. I think Neal will be the No. 5 selection to the New York Giants. I can also see him going No. 3 to the Texans or No. 6 to Carolina.
  • Jameson Williams will not lose mega dollars because of his knee injury. Some teams prepared to be patient, think of him as the best wideout prospect in the Draft. I think the Pats would love him at No. 21, but I don’t expect him to be available for Bill Belichick. I like the Chargers at No. 17 or Philadelphia at No. 18 or New Orleans at No. 19.
  • Christian Harris is a bit of an NFL tweener at linebacker, but his multiple skill sets should pay off. I can see the Broncos taking him at No. 64.
  • John Metchie III has the interest of many teams. Like Williams, his injury is a factor for some teams. I believe both the Giants at No. 81 and the Eagles at No. 82 would love to land Metchie. I also think he will go earlier to Kansas City at No. 62 or Houston at No. 68.
  • Phidarian Mathis is as solid a 3rd round pick as any player in the Draft. Some Draft gurus think he might sneak into the second round. I am going with Minnesota at No. 77 or New England at No. 85, but Atlanta at No. 82 would not be a surprise.
  • Brian Robinson Jr. is my pick for the member of this group of former Alabama football players to have one of the longest NFL careers. Running backs don’t often last long in the NFL, but used properly, B-Rob will be dependable and productive, and match what used to be defined as a pro’s pro. I see him going No. 108 to the Texans or No. 114 to the Falcons.
  • Jaylin Armour-Davis is my pick for the steal of the Draft. He is a guy I expect to start in year one and have a long and successful NFL career. My guess is he goes No. 110 to the Ravens.
  • I have Josh Jobe not far behind Jaylin, going at No. 115 to the Broncos or to the Falcons if they don’t take B-Rob, at No. 114.
  • I think Chris Allen will be drafted in the 7th round, but that late, I have no sense of which team will take him.
  • I think Slade Bolden might be selected in the 7th round – again with no idea, by which team.

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That’s it Crimson Tide fans. The 2022 NFL Draft may not be the greatest one ever for Alabama Football, but it will be a very good one.