Alabama Football: LSU transfer Eli Ricks arrested for marijuana


Alabama football’s Eli Ricks was arrested in Mississippi

Alabama football added multiple stars through the transfer portal, and one of the most talented was Eli Ricks. The former LSU corner is expected to start for the Crimson Tide this year, and he is already enrolled in classes. However, he was arrested last night in Mississippi.

Ricks was arrested for speeding, no insurance and possession of marijuana. The marijuana charge is his first offense, which will play a role in his sentencing.

According to Mississippi laws, there is no penalty or incarceration time for the first offense of marijuana possession, assuming the amount is less than 30 grams. The maximum fine is $250. That does not include any penalties for no proof of insurance or his actual speeding ticket.

A second offense in Mississippi would be a misdemeanor and a mandatory minimum sentencing of five days.

Ricks’ case details are public records, and he is listed as currently in jail. His bond is listed at $0, which suggests that he has not appeared in front of a judge yet. Alabama football has not yet released a statement.

As far as I can tell, the biggest punishment Ricks will face will be from Nick Saban. He may be in the doghouse, but he will have the entire summer to get out of it before Alabama football’s first game.

If Ricks ends up being suspended for the home opener, he would miss the Utah State game. Alabama has depth at corner with Kool-Aid and Khyree Jackson. These three players will compete for starting time, but Ricks was seen as the top contender since he transferred.

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Alabama football will likely release more information, but this is not a massive scandal. While it’s scary to see information about a player being arrested, this carries no jail time or misdemeanor classification.