Alabama Football: Bryce Young vs. CJ Stroud in 2023

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Will Alabama football’s Bryce Young be QB1?

The 2023 NFL Draft is a year away, but scouts are already excited about the quarterback class. It is led by two elite recruits with quality collegiate careers. CJ Stroud is living up to the hype at Ohio State, and Alabama football‘s Bryce Young is looking to be Saban’s first player from Alabama to go first overall in the draft.

The debate between these quarterbacks is going to heat up this year, and it will be a talking point all season long. Young has the edge in terms of success on the field, but what about as an NFL prospect? Here is a look at how the debate will break down.

The case for CJ Stroud

Stroud has the physical traits that NFL teams are looking for. He’s 6’3″ and 218 pounds. He had 44 passing touchdowns with only 6 interceptions last season, so he is capable of leading an offense. He showed off his running ability in 2020 with a long rushing touchdown, but he had negative rushing yards in 2021. Basically, he’s strong enough to stay in the pocket and make any throw, but he is capable of scrambling if he has to. That is not his strength, and the offense does not ask him to do that often, but he has better pocket awareness than the stats suggest.

The case for Bryce Young

Young is smaller than Stroud, but he is also more mobile. The offense rarely asked him to scramble, but he had three rushing touchdowns and extended many plays with his legs. Despite the struggles of the offensive line, Young distributed the ball well. He plays like a point guard, and he can make the explosive plays that few players can. In his first year as a starter for Alabama football, Young won the Heisman Trophy.

Who will be QB1?

Right now, I would give Stroud the edge. I believe Young is a better quarterback, but I expect NFL teams to fall in love with Stroud’s size and arm strength. Young’s height will be a red flag for some teams.

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However, Young could easily be the first player drafted if he has another elite year for Alabama football. In all honesty, you probably can’t go wrong with either quarterback. They play the game differently, so it will come down to which style NFL teams prefer.