Alabama Football: Other programs claiming to be RBU are delusional

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The only way any program other than Alabama Football can be considered as running back U, or simply, ‘RBU’, is to totally ignore facts. Fans of other programs are entitled to their counter opinions. They are not entitled to alternate facts.

The primary fact is since the 2011 NFL Draft, Alabama football running backs have done more in the NFL than any group for any other program.  On top of that, the only two running backs to win the Heisman Trophy since 2005 are Mark Ingram in 2009 and Derrick Henry in 2015.

In addition to that prestigious award, Trent Richardson (2011), Derrick Henry (2015) and Najee Harris won the Doak Walker Award for college football’s best running back.

In the 2011 through 2021 NFL Drafts, three former Crimson Tide running backs have been drafted in the first rounds, with three more drafted in the second rounds and two drafted in the third rounds. Brian Robinson Jr. joined that group in the 2022 NFL Draft when he was a third-round selection by the Washington Commanders.

Check out Alabama Football Running Back College and NFL Stats

  • Mark Ingram; (Alabama) 2008-2010 – 3,261 rushing yards, 670 receiving yards and 46 touchdowns; (NFL First Round) 2011-2021 – 7,878 rushing yards, 2,057 receiving yards and 64 touchdowns
  • Trent Richardson; (Alabama) 2009-2011 – 3,130 rushing yards, 730 receiving yards and 42 touchdowns; (NFL First Round) 2012-2014 – 2,032  rushing yards, 730 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns
  • Josh Jacobs; (Alabama) 2016-2018 – 1,491 rushing yards, 571 receiving yards and five touchdowns; (NFL First Round) 2019-2021 – 3.087 rushing yards, 752 receiving yards and 28 touchdowns
  • Najee Harris; (Alabama) 2017-2020 – 3,843 rushing yards, 781 receiving yards and 57 touchdowns; (NFL First Round) 2021 – 1,200 rushing yards, 467 receiving yards and seven touchdowns
  • Derrick Henry; (Alabama) 2013-2015 – 3,591 rushing yards, 285 receiving yards and 45 touchdowns; (NFL Second Round) 2016-2021 – 6,797 rushing yards, 846 receiving yards and 65 touchdowns
  • TJ Yeldon; (Alabama) 2012-2014 – 3,322 rushing yards, 494 receiving yards and 39 touchdowns; (NFL Second Round) 2015-2020 – 2,005 rushing yards, 1,448 receiving yards and six touchdowns
  • Eddie Lacy; (Alabama) 2010-2012 – 2,402 rushing yards, 338 receiving yards and 32 touchdowns; (NFL Second Round) 2013-2017 – 3,614 rushing yards, 947 receiving yards and 23 touchdowns
  • Kenyan Drake; (Alabama) 2012-2015 – 1,495 rushing yards, 570 receiving yards, 505 kick return yards and 23 touchdowns; (NFL Third Round) 2016-2021 – 3,384 rushing yards, 1,535 receiving yards, 964 kick return yards and 29 touchdowns
  • Damien Harris; (Alabama) 2015-2018 – 3,070 rushing yards, 407 receiving yards and 23 touchdowns; (NFL Third Round) 2019-2021 – 1,632 rushing yards, 184 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns

Six of these Alabama Crimson Tide running backs, plus Brian Robinson Jr. will be adding more NFL stats in the 2022 season.

As a group, the college and NFL production is staggering. The college stats would have been higher for some, but they played in deep Tide backfields and had to share touches with other backs.

Still not convinced, check the video below.

Note: College and NFL stats are from CFB Sports Reference and Pro Football Reference.

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It is no surprise that Crimson Tide recruits notice, as did 2023 prospect, Kalib Hicks who said to him, Alabama Football is RBU.