Alabama Football: Championships are not built by ‘me’ and ‘now’


The two most dangerous words in college, team sports are ‘me’ and ‘now.’ The same can be said for professional sports and pretty much anything, but this site’s purpose of covering Alabama football and other Tide sports does not extend that far.

Agiye Hall may be the most misunderstood college player in many years. The ‘almost all of us’ who don’t know him personally cannot know what kind of person he is. Social media clues tend to mislead as much as illuminate. But those sources and the opinions of others often define those we do not know.

Hall was a high school football player with great promise. Otherwise, he would have never made it from south Florida to Tuscaloosa.

There were indications on Tuesday that Hall might not be joining Texas as had been announced a few weeks ago. Later information seems to confirm that despite Hall deleting references to Texas from one or more social media accounts, he is still expected in Austin.

Too much attention gravitates to the peculiarities of some players. They often bring it on themselves, by frequently sharing anger and frustration on social media. Being entitled to be outspoken is not the same as knowing when to be loud and when to be quiet.

Alabama Football and Player Exits

Last week Nick Saban said some of the Crimson Tide Portal-exiting players didn’t have a choice. Many Alabama football fans are convinced Agiye Hall was one of them. In most cases, the Saban comment likely refers to a lack of playing opportunity situations. As in, to get significant playing time, some players have ‘no choice’ but to find another team.

Back in January, Saban spoke about backup players getting opportunities and being unprepared for them.

"We had three guys. They all had a significant role in the national championship game and not one of them — not one — could take advantage of the opportunity they had.Because they never ground through it. They never made themselves the best player they could be. And when they got the opportunity, they couldn’t do it. It’s a lesson for everybody. What comes first? Playing time? Or making sure that you’re ready to play …"

Agiye Hall was one of the three players. It is unfair to single him out for personal failings. But as a Crimson Tide football player, he failed his teammates when they needed him most.

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Championship teams cannot be built from players blinded by focusing too much on ‘me’ and ‘now.’ It has not taken the Transfer Portal era for Nick Saban to know that. Many players understand it and some don’t. Those that don’t are better off elsewhere.