How Montana Fouts has changed the Alabama Crimson Tide

Pool Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.
Pool Photo/Gary Cosby Jr. /

The Alabama Crimson Tide owe Montana Fouts a ton

Alabama Crimson Tide fans always have favorite athletes. Some choose their favorites because of their play on the field or court. Others like how players represent the Tide in other facets of life. It’s easy to see why Montana Fouts is one of Alabama’s most beloved players.

Let’s start with what Fouts has done for Alabama softball in the circle. She was the NFCA Pitcher of the Year in 2021. She’s won multiple All-Tournament teams and tournament MVP awards. She pitched the first perfect game in the Women’s College World Series since 2000. She was the Freshman of the Year in her first season, and she has over 850 career strikeouts.

However, what separates Fouts from other Alabama Crimson Tide athletes is her presence off the field. She is one of the best ambassadors for Alabama athletics in recent history. She encourages future generations to work hard. She is as authentic as you could as a student athlete to be. I’m trying to avoid the cliches that come with athletes who are good people, but the objective truth is that she is a role model for others in the state.

Kids come to Alabama softball games to watch her pitch, and they want to be just like her. She empowers fans more than any athlete in recent memory, and she does it simply by being herself. She’s remained humble through it all.

There has never been a bad story written about Fouts, and she is only in the headlines for great things. Whether she is a part of the homecoming court or starting a “Throw Like a Girl” line of clothing, she is representing the Alabama Crimson Tide positively.

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Fouts has an extra year of eligibility due to COVID-19, and she’ll have to decide if she wants to use it. Either way, she has given more to the University than fans deserve, and we thank her for it.