Alabama Basketball: SEC teams most helped and harmed by transfers

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Predicting how well a transfer player will perform on a new team can be a challenge. Alabama basketball fans are confident the two transfers added by Nate Oats will be impact players next season. That confidence appears to be warranted.

Alabama basketball still has a roster slot open. It may not be filled, and if it is, at this point, it could be a transfer who will have to sit out next season. About a month ago, Nate Oats admitted minutes for new players is a challenge.

"A couple guys we’ve gone after have gotten a little scared with our current roster, so we need somebody who is willing to fight for minutes."

That observation was before Dominick Welch decided to join the Alabama Crimson Tide. Oats said Welch is prepared to fight for his minutes. Many Alabama basketball fans believe Welch is such a good fit for the Oats’ system, earning minutes will not be a problem.

How Alabama Basketball and other SEC teams did in the Portal

Though the Crimson Tide lost several players to the Portal, Alabama should be considered a transfer winner. Welch and Ohio transfer, Mark Sears should both be key parts in an 8-10 player rotation.

The biggest Portal winner in the SEC is Arkansas. Eric Musselman is considered one of the best in annual roster rebuilds and he relies heavily on transfers. Using Jeff Goodman’s ranking of the top transfers across college basketball, the Razorbacks added three guys Goodman rated inside the top 38 of 2022-23 transfers. They are 6’9″ forward, Tevon Brazile, from Missouri; 6’6″ guard, Ricky Council from Wichita State and 6’9″ forward, Jalen Graham from Arizona State.

On the heels of Arkansas for the SEC’s best transfer class are the Florida Gators. Florida added three guys from inside the top 49 from Goodman’s rankings. They are 6’3″ guard, Kyle Lofton, from Saint Bonaventure; 6’5″ guard, Will Richard, from Belmont and 6’8″ forward, Alex Fudge, from LSU.

A begrudging nod also goes to Auburn, Bruce Pearl landed a replacement at center for Walker Kessler, in 6’10 forward-center, Johni Broome from Morehead State.

The big transfer loser in the SEC is LSU. An exodus from Baton Rouge of nearly the entire roster included the loss of five players in Goodman’s top 47 players. They are 6’5″ guard, Brandon Murray to Georgetown; 6’2″ guard, Xavier Pinson to New Mexico State; 6’2″ guard, Eric Gaines to UAB; 6’8″ forward, Alex Fudge to Florida and 7′ center, Efton Reid to Gonzaga.

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The great thing for Nate Oats and the Crimson Tide is the incoming ’22 class is one of the best in the nation, before the transfers were added. Three or more of the younger players are expected to make an impact in the coming season.