Alabama Football: Tell us something we don’t know

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One facet of being an Alabama football fan is little appreciation for national experts telling us something we already know. It happens frequently. One reason why is many Crimson Tide fans know way more about Alabama football than even credible national experts.

The experts must spread their attention to many teams. Crimson Tide fans also give scrutiny to other teams, but generally, they are teams in the SEC and the few others who might become National Championship contenders. The national media folks must try to be experts on everything.

There is another reason why the national pundits so rarely enlighten us about Alabama football. Being fans of the greatest college football program of all time, some arrogance seeps in. As in an attitude that outsiders have little to offer that we don’t already know.

The result is, for more than a few of us, our demand of national media is “tell us something we don’t know.”

An example happened this week. Writing for CBS Sports, Shehan Jeyarajah stated the Alabama Crimson Tide has the “best quarterback room” in college football. No offense to Jeyarajah is intended. Just because we already knew that; fans of other programs probably did not.

CBS Sports on Alabama Football QB room

Here is what Jeyarajah said about the Crimson Tide QBs.

"If you bring back the Heisman-winning quarterback and former top-100 recruits, it earns you a spot on the top of this list. Bryce Young was sensational in his first season as a starter …The depth behind Young is green, but Jalen Milroe and Ty Simpson were among the most pursued players in the nation. If Simpson and Milroe are good enough for Nick Saban, we trust them."

Despite Jeyarajah being spot on, Crimson Tide fans might quickly add, we are not sure the Tide can win a National Championship – if it has to, with the “green” guys. Both have the potential to become major stars, but without meaningful snaps against solid opposition, neither can become ready.

The CBS story ranked the top five QB rooms. Following Alabama was Ohio State, which was followed in order by Michigan, Georgia and LSU. Honorable mention picks went to Miami, Penn State, SMU, Texas and Texas A&M. No less than three of those teams might elicit some strong counter opinions, but maybe CBS got the list right.

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As a point of reference, in rating the top five WR rooms, the Crimson Tide did not fare so well. Ohio State, USC and Maryland (at No. 1-3) were ahead of the Tide at No. 4. Texas came in at No. 5.