Alabama Football: Time for Tide fans to unfocus on Dawgs, Tigers

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Every Alabama football fan knows ‘They hate us, ’cause they ain’t us.’

Crimson Tide fans know the slogan well. If they’re not wearing it, they’re saying it. If they’re not saying it, they’re thinking it.

Maybe it’s time for a second verse. ‘They ain’t us … so quit worrying about them.’

Alabama Football Beyond Week Four

As week four of the 2022 college football season approaches, some Bama fans have shown a propensity this fall to be — how shall we say it — a bit distracted maybe. By two other teams. Two teams Alabama has yet to play this season. One team Alabama may or may not play this season. One team is a longtime traditional rival. The other is a recently emerged rival due to the competitive equality of the two teams during the last few seasons.

No need to ignore the obvious. Also, no need to drone on and on.

Sure, No. 1 Georgia has looked super impressive through three games, and Kirby Smart has no doubt turned that program into a perennial power now.

‘Nuff said … if you’re a Bama fan.

Why? Because Bama fans have reason to feel good too. Hey, Nick Saban is still around. So is Bryce Young. And Will Anderson. And a plethora of additional talent. And, guess what. More talent is on the way. The Crimson Tide just added two more huge commitments out of Texas this week to its already No. 1-ranked 2023 recruiting class. And this season? Yeah, there was the scare in Austin, but the fact is the Tide is 3-0 and ranked No. 2 in the land. Everything is still out there for the taking. Every goal is still attainable.

No, Auburn does not look like a championship contender his season, and its program appears to be floundering.

‘Nuff said … if you’re a Bama fan.

Why? Because Bama fans have reason to raise a few questions and concerns about their team. Mostly on offense. Are the Tide’s receivers simply not as good as recent studs who have come through Tuscaloosa or do they just need more time to develop chemistry with Bryce? Bama has an assortment of capable running backs, but will that translate into a formidable, consistent ground attack week in and week out? Oh, and it’s almost October now and Alabama is still sorting out its starting five on the offensive line.

Every autumn, the college football season seems to zoom by. This season is no different. The Crimson Tide will have motored through one-third of its regular season after Saturday night’s date with Vanderbilt. So why whittle away the time peering out one window, ooohing-and-ahhhing at Georgia’s souped-up red-and-black sports car or peering out the other window, gawking at the car wreck that is Auburn right now?

How about just enjoying the ride — the 2022 Alabama football ride? It’s short enough as it is. It’ll be over before anyone knows it. Savor each win. Appreciate the big plays. Relish having Saban still prowl the sideline, Bryce under center, and Will chasing down opposing QBs. Hope for improvements in other areas. These times won’t last forever.

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Georgia’s might? Auburn’s mess? Let those folks do their thing. Whatever that thing is. No need to be envious of one. No need to smirk at the misfortune of the other. Let the season play out. One week at a time.

Alabama’s got Vanderbilt this Saturday.

‘Nuff said … if you’re a Bama fan.