Alabama Football: Nick Saban and latest injury news

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On Monday of Texas A&M week, Alabama football coach, Nick Saban was in good form. Answering some good questions from beat reporters, Saban gave some insightful information on blocking schemes and running back skills, along with some injury details.

He also took an opportunity to preach about external factors, especially social media and ‘rat poison’ spread through media coverage. The sermon was not new. It is an old theme. Nick Saban repeats it because he knows his players need to hear it often. He even admitted that ‘sometimes’ the players listen.

Some in national media will claim Saban went on some rants. If that has any accuracy, they were mini-rants. He was what could be called a tad ‘crusty’ and why not? His deep reservoir of passion for the game, and his players, fuels strong emotions. No one should suggest he be any other way.

Alabama Football Injuries

On the injuries, there was nothing conclusive about Bryce Young. What Saban said about Bryce was the injury is not a long-term situation and he will be evaluated day-to-day. Saban also said in the future, Bryce should consider the option of giving up on a play when a positive outcome is impossible, rather than risking injury.

Saban reported that Alabama football defensive back, Brian Branch will not practice on Monday but should be fine later in the week.

The worst injury situation for the Alabama Crimson Tide is Justin Eboigbe. The defensive lineman is out with a neck injury and will not play until medical specialists have determined the best treatment. As Saban did in Fayetteville on Saturday with Bryce Young, Saban will not put Eboigbe at risk.

Saban was asked about a special package for Jalen Milroe and his quick retort was the Crimson Tide already has one. He was not fond of the question and the response will feed some of the knee-jerk rant claims mentioned above.

Texas A&M and Jimbo Fisher received considerable praise from Saban. It is common for the Crimson Tide coach to praise an upcoming opponent. Saban is certainly not doing it to mend fences with Jimbo. Instead, it is another of the frequent reminders to Crimson Tide players to not take any opponent lightly.

Check out the video below.

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Much will be made this week about Saturday night’s post-game exchange between Saban and Jimbo Fisher. I’m guessing one word will describe it – brief.