Alabama football outcome could affect Auburn and other rumors

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The craziness in college football never ends. According to a combination of published rumors, Alabama football head coach, Nick Saban could have a big impact on Auburn’s next hire. More surreal is an attendant claim the Saban influence could cause an escalation in the moves of two SEC programs soon.

How soon, could possibly be as soon as next week, or in the next couple of weeks.  Alabama football fans are always interested in the flayings of a rival, especially Auburn. Auburn is a mediocre football program, but it is one that draws much attention for its entertainment value.

At this point, there is no value in guessing how accurate are the rumors. Particularly with Auburn’s history, any slightly plausible claim warrants attention.

The rumors discussed below have come from legitimate sources, except for one. That one is that Bryan Harsin has turned down a buyout offer of around $12M. His current buyout requires Auburn to pay him $18M if he is terminated without cause. Auburn tried before and failed to terminate him for cause. The result was a serious self-inflicted wound to Auburn’s already shaky prestige.

Harsin might settle for less than the full buyout, but Auburn is wasting time if they are lowballing him.

The Alabama Football and Nick Saban Factor

There are two points to consider in the Finebaum claim. One point is ‘trending poorly’ is likely to hit a new low Saturday night in Tuscaloosa. With or without Bryce Young, Alabama is going to beat Texas A&M badly. The other not insignificant point is top A&M boosters being willing to do whatever it takes to fire Jimbo Fisher.

In the 1981 William Hurt film, Body Heat, a sinister businessman impresses on Hurt’s character, Ned Racine, the importance of being willing to do what is necessary, whatever necessary is. If Finebaum is correct, for A&M the necessary is, being willing to admit making a massive miscalculation, and accepting an $85.6M buyout – to fire a football coach. The derision in the college football world, outside College Station, would last for years.

If A&M does what is ‘necessary’ to fire Jimbo Fisher, apparently there are some in Auburn who want him as Harsin’s replacement.

A recent post in Fly War Eagle extolled the attributes of Jimbo Fisher’s coaching career.

"While the expectations at Texas A&M have not been met, that doesn’t mean Jimbo Fisher can’t coach. In fact, Fisher’s years at Florida State were a masterclass in Power Five dominance …A change of scenery, albeit from one booster-controlled program to another, could be what the doctor ordered for Fisher. Auburn football can most certainly use someone with SEC experience, a victory over Nick Saban under his belt"

As an Alabama football fan, the three best options I prefer are for Auburn to extend Brian Harsin’s contract, with a big pay and buyout increase or fire Harsin and hire Gus Malzahn again, or fire Harsin and hire Jimbo Fisher.

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As an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, it is impossible to not love these rumors.