Alabama Football: Optimism grows for Bryce Young against the Vols

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The most talked about story in college football this week is Bryce Young. Will the Alabama football starter and Heisman Award winner be healthy enough to start or play against the Tennessee Vols?

No official word has come from the Alabama football program, other than Nick Saban saying, “hopefully we are going to try and get him ready.”

No offense to the GOAT, but there is no alternate universe where Alabama does not “try” to get Young ready. Still, trying may or may not be enough. The Tide’s medical team will have to clear Bryce. Bryce and his family will have the opportunity of delaying another week for more healing.

Few Alabama football fans want to risk losing to the Vols because of no Bryce – if he is cleared and wants to play. But as much as Tennessee is a hated rival, the four SEC games after this weekend are more important. The Alabama Crimson Tide can lose to the Vols and still move on to an SEC Championship game and the CFB Playoffs.

After reading through several dozen tweets about Bryce and Tennessee, it appears the consensus opinion is Alabama cannot beat Tennessee without Bryce. Additionally, a majority opinion predicts Young will play but will not be 100%.

Alabama Football Guessing Game

Guessing he will play makes sense, because we know he was willing to enter the Texas A&M contest late to assure the win. Young being less than 100% is another good guess, but the problem is absolutely no one knows what the less percentage will be.

There are rumors coming out of Tuscaloosa that Young will not only play but will be very close to 100%. As in ‘close’ enough meaning Bryce’s passing accuracy, velocity and distance will not be affected.

If those rumors prove to be accurate, no official word from Nick Saban is expected before Saturday.

UPDATE: On Wednesday’s SEC Teleconference, Nick Saban confirmed Bryce “has been able to practice some”

Alabama football fans can choose to be encouraged by the rumors. Even those who are encouraged must admit, no prediction is valid on how vulnerable Young would be to re-injury against the Vols.

Joining the guessing about Bryce are the Tennessee football staff. Bryce or no Bryce will not change Josh Heupel’s offense. But the Vols’ defense will have to split time, preparing for Bryce and whatever difference Jalen Milroe might use.

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If the guy on Saturday is Milroe rather than Young, Alabama will fight just as hard. Adding to the other guesses, I’m guessing, if needed, Jalen Milroe will play much better on Saturday afternoon.