Alabama Football: Five Bold Predictions for Tide vs. Vols

Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports
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Bold is a key word to describe Saturday’s Alabama Football contest against the Tennessee Volunteers. The Crimson Tide will boldly expect to win its 16th straight over an old rival. Tennessee football players and their coaching staff will also boldly expect to win.

All week, Tennessee fans have been boldly predicting the Vols will win, even if Bryce Young is 100%. Speaking of Bryce, he will boldly play at whatever level of recovery his shoulder has reached.

The most hyped Third Saturday in October in what must feel like forever for Tennessee fans will live up to its advance billing.

Not a bold prediction on my part is the Alabama Crimson Tide will win. I am not saying it will be easy. Tennessee’s offense is too good to make such a prediction. I am not saying Bryce will be his usually proficient self. I can’t even say there is no chance Bryce aggravates his shoulder injury during the game.

What can be said is Alabama Football is accustomed to ‘statement games’ when another team attempts to prove it is on the level of the Crimson Tide. Those other teams usually fail, mostly because they cannot outplay the Crimson Tide throughout an entire game.

The Vols and their fans will be pumped early. Neyland may be the loudest it has ever been. But emotions fade against relentless opponents. The Vols will move the ball well early, but the norm is, for the Alabama football staff, to make adjustments that take the early success of opponents away.