Alabama Football: Five Bold Predictions for Tide vs. Vols

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Alabama Football Bold Prediction No. 4

This prediction is a two-parter, but first, check out the tweet below.

Hooker’s touchdown pass-to-interception ratio is exceptional. For the record, some of the 47 touchdowns cited by Lowe were running plays. But Hooker’s accuracy is not in question. The first part of this bold prediction is the Crimson Tide will improve on its takeaways of Hooker from last season, by intercepting two of his passes.

Part two of the prediction is with the interceptions, Alabama will win a turnover margin battle with the Vols.

Bold Prediction No. 5

A risk in making bold predictions is not giving the opponent enough credit. While I am not convinced Tennessee has earned being selected as a Top 10 team, they are a good team and much improved over last season. I predict they will take a first-half lead in the game, by as much as 10-14 points. The lead will not hold. And 16 in a row will be devastating for the Tennessee fanbase.

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Next. The package, key to beating the Vols. dark

For those of us not in Neyland Stadium, one aspect of the game will be difficult to perceive. That aspect is at what point will Tennessee players cease to believe they can win.