Despite loss, Alabama Football is still the standard

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5,837. That is how many days had passed since Tennessee last beat Alabama Football. That all changed Saturday night after the Vols did the impossible and took down Goliath.

Even with loss, Alabama Football is still the standard

As time expired with the wobbly kick soaring through the uprights, the streak had ended. The Tide’s mistakes proved too much to overcome, and the Vols had done it. The sea of orange flooded the field. The goalposts slowly descended into the crowd and were carried to the Tennessee River. A baptism of sorts, signifying the end of an era and new life for the Vols.

Bryce Young stared on in disbelief, as Sheriff’s officers huddled around Saban whisking him away to safety. Young, not yet 100%, had played an incredible game, leaving every ounce on the field. He did what he needed to do to put the team in a position to win the game, with little help from his offensive play caller, yet it was not enough.

Reichard was left with a long field goal at a bad angle, and most importantly, too much time remaining on the clock. Despite his success, many Alabama fans knew he wasn’t making that kick. We had seen this ending before.

Similarly, on the other side, we all knew the Tennessee kicker was making his. Again, this ending wasn’t unfamiliar.

With 17 penalties at the Tide’s worst, it took Tennessee’s best.

It never seems real. Each loss is as stunning as the last when they only come once or twice a year.

Yet, the sun still rose on Sunday across the state of Alabama.

When you take down Goliath, you get all the praise and congratulations and hype, but at the end of the day, Goliath is still Goliath.

You won’t see signs on Gameday next week that say “We Want Tennessee.” The signs will still say “We Want Bama.” Because for the last 15 years, Alabama has become the standard.

The last regular season road loss that did not lead to a rushing of the field was 2010 against LSU. Every single road loss since 2010, twelve years ago, has resulted in the opposing team storming the field to soak in the glory. That doesn’t happen for just anyone. It happens because Alabama Football is the standard.

The chance to continue that standard didn’t drown with the goalposts in the Tennessee River last night. Alabama Football still has a clear path to the National Championship game in Los Angeles in January. The Tide controls its own destiny sitting in the driver’s seat of the SEC West. The Tide must take care of business for the rest of the season and will have a chance of a rematch against the Vols in Atlanta for the SEC Championship game. A win then will mean a playoff berth. The Tide might be down, but they aren’t out.

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See, everyone hates Alabama because they aren’t Alabama. Alabama Football is the ever-sought dream that every team in America strives to be. While the wound may still be fresh, what an honor it is to be the standard for the rest of College Football.