SEC Football: The Aubies might stumble into a good decision


Auburn University must have some classes in critical thinking and strategic thinking. Assuming it does, no SEC football program needs to enroll in such classes as much as Auburn.

Having written (and read) so much about Auburn’s dysfunctions, a long list will not be repeated here. I will say, the problems at Auburn not only pre-date Bryan Harsin. They pre-date Gus Mazahn and Gene Chizik. They go all the way back to Auburn’s Pat Dye era.

Many years ago, Terry Bowden pulled back the curtain on the Auburn football program. Nothing happened to Auburn. Bowden’s disclosures pretty much destroyed his coaching career.

Now, after running off a good Athletic Director in Allen Greene, and while poised to discard Bryan Harsin, Auburn may be moving toward a good decision. As out of character for the program as it would be, it could actually be a very good decision.

The SEC football program most in need of a rebuild

Readers of this site know I have no reluctance in calling out the failings of the Auburn football and basketball programs. This time, I am doing the opposite. The FanSided site Fly War Eagle is consistently good in coverage of Auburn sports. Recently, the site posted,

"Auburn University President Chris Roberts has seemingly set his sights on Utah State’s current athletic director, John Hartwell, to be the next AD on the Plains."

According to multiple sources, Hartwell would have Baylor, Offensive Coordinator, Jeff Grimes at the top of a short list to replace Harsin.

Grimes has a coaching career going back to the 1990s. Most of his career has been spent as an offensive line coach, including at Auburn from 2009-2012. Since 2018, first, at BYU and in his second season at Baylor, Grimes has been an Offensive Coordinator.

Grimes has additional SEC football experience from LSU, where he was the offensive line coach and running game coordinator from 2014-2017.

According to Fly War Eagle, Auburn fans are split over whether Grimes is “qualified” to be Auburn’s next head coach. Many Auburn fans appear to be lusting for a trio of current, college head coaches – Hugh Freeze, Lane Kiffin and Deion Sanders.

Jeff Grimes would bring no such sizzle to the Plains. Plus, it is true that many great assistant coaches don’t pan out as head coaches. But Grimes, in the same way, Sam Pittman has been at Arkansas, could be exactly what Auburn needs. That is if the Auburn power brokers accept the reality of their football being broken and requiring a complete rebuild.

Checking out the Bulldogs' offense. dark. Next

Jeff Grimes would not win at Auburn in 2023. It is probable patience would also be needed in the 2024 season. But, after that, Jeff Grimes might be the guy to return the Tigers to relevance.