Alabama Football: Crimson Tide FBS and SEC Offensive Stats

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Going into week nine of the college football season, Alabama Football can be fairly assessed through statistical performance. There is enough data to limit statistical distortions. Other than variations caused by the strength of opponents, patterns of performance don’t change significantly in the last month of the regular season.

After unpacking the data, a few observations are offered at the end of this post.

Alabama Football Offensive Stats

  • Third Down Conversion Percentage – Tied at No. 28 in FBS at 46.5%; No. 6 in the SEC
  • Passing Completion Percentage – No. 39 in the FBS at 65.1%; No. 6 in the SEC
  • Passing Offense Yards Per Game – No. 34 in the FBS at 274.4 yards; No. 4 in the SEC
  • Passing Yards Per Completion – No. 59 in the FBS at 12.4 yards; No. 8 in the SEC
  • Rushing Yards Per Carry Average – No. 3 in the FBS at 6.05 yards; No. 2 in the SEC
  • Red Zone Touchdowns – No. 26 in the FBS at 71.05%; No. 5 in the SEC
  • Sacks Allowed (against Power Five teams) – Tied at No. 43 in the FBS at 1.67 sacks; No. 5 in the SEC
  • Tackles for a Loss Allowed (against Power Five teams) – No. 68 in the FBS at an average per game of six plays; No. 9 in the SEC
  • Scoring Offense (against Power Five teams) – No. 12 in the FBS at 37.8 points per game; No. 3 in the SEC
  • Total Offense (against Power Five teams) – No. 18 in the FBS at 469,2 yards per game; No. 4 in the SEC
  • Long Scrimmage Plays (against Power Five teams) – No. 1 in the FBS in 30-plus yard plays and tied for No. 1 in 40-plus yard plays

A closer look at the stats and concerns

The ‘Long Scrimmage Plays’ stat is a bit misleading. TCU and Tennessee would likely have more 30-plus yard plays than Alabama had the Horned Frogs and the Vols also played six Power Five opponents as has the Crimson Tide.

Against the Crimson Tide’s October opponents (Arkansas, Texas A&M, Tennessee and Mississippi State) the Alabama rushing yards per carry average was 4.95 yards.

The allowed tackles for a loss data is troubling. Against six Power Five teams, the Alabama Football offense has given up 36 negative plays, totaling 143 yards.

The most troubling rushing stat for the Crimson Tide is third down and short yardage (1-3 yards). For the season, Alabama is No. 129 in the FBS at an average of 0.82 yards. In several of the 17 offensive plays that produced this result, the Tide was in a Jumbo set with added blockers. Clearly, this is a major weakness and as Nick Saban has said, the offensive line is not getting enough push.

Data for this post came from the NCAA and cfbstats

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