Alabama Football: Moving on and upholding a legacy


Moving on is never easy for the followers of the Alabama Football program. We don’t get much practice at responding to losses, leading to a default position of overreaction.

The rest of the college football world joined LSU in celebration on Saturday night. Alabama fans grappled with not just disappointment, but worse, bewilderment that a team with such high expectations will not compete in the CFB Playoff and likely will not make a December trip to Atlanta.

Perhaps we can find some perspective. The 7-2, Alabama Crimson Tide has two, SEC road losses by a total of four points. By the thinnest of margins, the 2022 Crimson Tide, believed in the offseason to have the potential to become one of Nick Saban’s great teams – is abruptly considered far from great, by Alabama standards. That the Alabama standards are insanely high provides no consolation.

While LSU fans chanted in the background, loud enough to be heard in the post-game interview room, Nick Saban provided perspective. He said what comes next is the program and the players have a legacy to uphold. That effort requires going back to work, with players and coaches striving to improve.

Loss hardest on the Alabama football players

Saban also reminded the fans of Alabama Football, that Crimson Tide players hurt more than anyone. So the next stage is to finish strong. Beat Ole Miss in Oxford, then Austin Peay and Auburn. Add a bowl win and the 11-2 Crimson Tide will uphold the program’s legacy. Just as important, they will honor themselves and each other.

It will, of course, never fully be enough for the players or for Crimson Tide fans. But, at this particular point in time, it must be enough.

Some Alabama football fans can’t move on without assigning blame. Maybe there is blame to be rightfully shared. A good idea is to let Nick Saban take care of finding fault and determining the appropriate response to any failings. As Saban said Saturday night,

"Look, I can’t blame the players. I’m responsible for all this stuff. So if we didn’t do it right, that’s on me."

Check out more of Saban’s comments below.

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There will be days, weeks, even months of recriminations about what the season should have been, but wasn’t. Through all the venting and the more reasonable search for answers, I will maintain a presumption – Nick Saban has, at least, another championship in him.