Alabama Football: Tide needs to shut some people up on Saturday

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Based on a Wednesday night perusal of several Crimson Tide message boards, the funk caused by the OT loss to LSU still lingers. The opinions of Alabama football fans vary, but the most outspoken Crimson Tide fans appear to be on the side of ‘Alabama has serious problems in its football program.’

Some of those sounding alarms are former Crimson Tide players. Speaking on his radio show, earlier this week, Greg McElroy said,

"… there are things that must get addressed, and get addressed quickly, if they (Alabama) are going to get back to the top of college football. Because they’re not there right now, and for the first time in a long time, I don’t think they’re the best program at the moment."

McElroy had much more to say. He pointed out weaknesses in schemes, coaches and players. Many Alabama fans were taken aback by the strong opinion. McElroy was careful to state he does not believe the Crimson Tide’s run is over; but added,

"I do feel like the program is on a more shaky footing than it’s been on in quite some time."

McElroy has a platform that gives wide exposure to his concerns. Other players, without a similar ability to attract attention, have used social media and message boards to also share serious concerns.

Are McElroy and other former players correct about the need for considerable change? It appears most Alabama fans are confident Nick Saban knows both what must be done, and will not hesitate to take action.

Another perspective is the Crimson Tide has lost two SEC road games by four points – on a last play and an overtime two-point conversion. The point is, the results do not justify gloom and doom.

Of course there in Alabama Football disappointment

Sure, Alabama football fans are disappointed with a two-loss season – before Thanksgiving and with only the dimmest of championship hopes. The Crimson Tide has an opportunity to start a new narrative with a solid win over Ole Miss.

The Rebels will be highly motivated to win. So should the Alabama football team. The players (and Crimson Tide fans) need a statement-making win. Anything short of that will do little to change the storyline that the Crimson Tide is, as McElroy stated, more “shaky” than it has been in a long time.

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On Wednesday, Nick Saban reminded everyone that Alabama Football’s ‘high standard’ cannot always be reached. That does not mean, that under Nick Saban, Alabama will ever accept being accountable to its best self.