Alabama Football: Bama and LSU CFB Playoff rankings stir fans


Many college football fans are displeased about the latest Playoff ranking for Alabama Football and LSU.

Using some outdated descriptions, the responses could be defined as hissy fits or going back to the 19th century, an even stronger term applies, a conniption fit.

Other than Tennessee fans, it is difficult to imagine any SEC football fan not loving the pockets of college football anger coming from Pac-12, Big Ten and ACC fans. The Vols can’t see it because they are mired in their own agony.

For Alabama football fans no longer following this season’s CFB Playoff rankings closely, check out the summary below.

CFB Playoff Rankings – Nov. 22

  • Three of the top four teams are in great shape as long as they win out. Georgia does not have to win out. The Bulldogs only have to beat Georgia Tech to gain a Playoff spot.
  • Ohio State over Michigan on Saturday would likely knock the Wolverines out.
  • Two-loss LSU at No. 5 is ranked ahead of one-loss USC at No. 6. If LSU beats Georgia, both teams can make the Playoff field.
  • At 10-1, two more wins will not guarantee USC making the final four. A two-loss USC has no chance and the same is true for a two-loss Oregon, even if one of them is the Pac-12 Champion.
  • Two-loss Alabama at No. 7 is ranked ahead of one-loss Clemson at No. 8.

What are many fans afraid will happen? First, ‘many’ fans does not apply to USC and Oregon fans. There are too few of them, compared to SEC, Big Ten and ACC fans. Even without much outrage from the west coast, social media is filled with complaints from the rest of the nation.

Since the current rankings came out on Tuesday night, claims of SEC bais have exploded.

Too many tweets to count have made the same claim. The SEC bias talk is not just coming from fans. Numerous college football pundits are whining the same complaint. They will not be dignified by inclusion in this post.

Instead, check out the video below that does two things. It gives a no-nonsense take on Playoff contenders. More importantly, it addresses the strongest backlash being caused by the thought of Alabama Football making the Playoffs.

Talking sense about Alabama Football

Cowherd is correct. Alabama Football has a path and it is a more probable one than Bama-haters believe the Crimson Tide deserves.

Complete current CFB Playoff rankings are available here.

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in fairness, not to the Vols’ program, but to Tennessee fans, having their team beat both LSU and Alabama and be ranked No. 10 is understandably hard to accept. Then again losing by 25 points to an unranked team and giving up 63 points to the SEC’s 11th-best offense – is not forgivable.