Alabama Football: Swirling rumors about new Tide Coordinators

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Based on message boards and social media there is almost as much interest in the next Alabama Football Coordinators as there is for the Sugar Bowl. Not since Lane Kiffin was coaching in Tuscaloosa have so many rumors been swirling.

For anyone unaware, note the opening sentence and the plural form of Coordinator – as in more than one new Coordinator.

It is possible the rumors are no more than presumptions or conjectures based on fan favorites. The only solid inside information could come from Nick Saban and of course, about this, he is not talking.

There is a general sense that after Saturday, Saban will act quickly and will likely announce a new OC within days. Does that mean the Patriots will announce Bill O’Brien as Bill Belichick’s new OC just as quickly? Probably not, but Saban will move forward on a schedule that meets the needs of the Alabama Football program, whatever Belichick does or does not do.

Earlier this week, O’Brien downplayed a move to New England saying he had not spoken to anyone with the Patriots since April. Could Nick Saban be functioning as a go-between for O’Brien and Bill Belichick? Maybe the two old friends have spoken but if so, they have kept it quiet.

In a Sugar Bowl preview, Pete Golding expressed enthusiasm for coaching the Alabama Crimson Tide defense again next season. The hottest Alabama football rumor is Golding will have some new help soon.

A quick word of caution – nothing that follows has been confirmed by any established source.

Hot Alabama Football Rumor

The scorching hot rumor is a return to the Alabama football staff for Jeremy Pruitt. The rumored contention is Pruitt will join the Alabama staff as a Co-Defensive Coordinator. Nick Saban has an opening to fill from the departure of Charles Kelly. Safeties were Kelly’s position assignment. Pruitt and Pete Golding also have experience coaching safeties. Since Saban prefers his play-calling DC to coach inside linebackers, it is expected the Co-DC, who is not the play-caller, would coach the safeties.

Even if Saban wants to hire Pruitt, that may not be possible, due to NCAA complications. There is an ongoing investigation into Tennessee and Pruitt. If what the University of Tennessee claimed Pruitt did is true, at some point a show-cause can be expected. Any NCAA penalty could be years away. There is also the possibility the Vols tried to make Pruitt the fall guy for far more than he was directly involved in as Tennessee’s head coach.

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At this point, what will happen is only a guess. Trusting Nick Saban is always a good idea.