Alabama Football: One offseason distraction best to ignore

It is officially the offseason for Alabama Football. Though four games will be played on Jan. 2 and a big one, on Jan. 9, many Crimson Tide fans have turned their focus to anticipation for the 2023 season.

Distracting attention toward next season, some Crimson Tide fans are dreading a repeat National Championship win by the Georgia Bulldogs. As I wrote three weeks ago, giving Kirby Smart his due, if the Dawgs repeat, should not create stress. Back-to-backs are rare and if Georgia and Kirby achieve one, they will deserve to be commended.

One aid to being gracious would be to ignore what many are saying about Georgia. After the Bulldogs outlasted Ohio State, Kirk Herbstreit suggested if Georgia beats TCU, the ‘We want Bama’ chants should change to ‘We want Georgia’, since, with a win, Georgia will have supplanted the Alabama Crimson Tide.

As Alabama football fans we can argue two national championships, even back-to-back ones do not make a Dynasty. It can also be argued that Alabama’s most recent Dynasty will remain alive if the Tide wins another national championship in the next two or three seasons.

But a better idea is not to argue about dynasties at all. Alabama coaches and players focus only on themselves. In that vein, maybe Alabama fans would be best served by not succumbing to distractions coming from other programs.

For example, there is the 2023 schedule. Does Georgia have it easier than Alabama because its out-of-conference games are basically all home games, including playing Georgia Tech in Atlanta? Alabama’s only away out-of-conference game is against this season’s 1-11, South Florida team. If Tennessee can replace Hendon Hooker and replicate last season’s success, Georgia will have the toughest SEC road game. Stressing over which team has the easier schedule is a waste of time.

Alabama Football fans on moving SEC Championship Game

Some Alabama football fans want the annual SEC Championship game to be moved out of Atlanta, because it is in too close proximity to Athens, GA. Practically, a trip to Atlanta is not too far for many Alabama football fans. If playing in Atlanta gives Georgia an advantage, it can’t be proven by the outcome of games.

The Georgia Bulldogs have not beaten Alabama in Atlanta since 1942. Alabama has earned the right to call the Georgia Dome and now Mercedes Benz, a home away from home stadium.

The bottom line is what Georgia does or does not do has no impact on Alabama football’s future. That is, until the next Tide vs. Dawgs game, which history says should favor Alabama.