At NFL Combine, teams learned the value of Bryce Young

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Based on multiple reports, NFL teams did not overreact last week when Bryce Young was measured to be only a bit over 5’10”. The NFL calculation did not match his Alabama Crimson Tide listed height of a full 6′, but at 204  pounds, he weighed ten more pounds than Alabama had posted his weight.

NFL measurements often differ from what is posted by college teams. A quick summary of the Combine opinion is the added weight helped more than the shorter stature hurt.

For more than a year, estimations of Bryce Young’s NFL future used a comparison to Arizona QB, Kyler Murray. The Combine measurements showed that Young and Murray are nearly identical in size.

Murray, capable of electric plays with his feet, has not reached what has been seen as his NFL potential. Injuries have been a problem, along with roster and leadership inconsistencies in the Cardinals organization. The result is Murray may yet become more than a middle-of-the-pack, NFL quarterback. Writing for Yahoo Sports, Charles Robinson called the comparison the “Murray Conundrum,” meaning how much does sub-optimal size limit a QB from being elite in the NFL.

As Robinson reported, it is a mistake to focus on that issue when evaluating Bryce Young and also a mistake to make any comparison to Kyler Murray.

When asked to explain the difference between Young and Murray, Robinson cited an unnamed AFC General Manager, who said,

"Kyler is more physically gifted across the board. Bryce is the more skilled passer and mature person and professional. I think Bryce will be better when he is in the field but I question whether he will hold up from a durability standpoint without elite physical traits to escape. I would bet he didn’t play [at Alabama] at 204. I think he’ll fill in as he gets older later in his career."

Alabama Pro Days for Bryce Young and other former Tide players

The point is no one in Indianapolis expected to conclude Bryce Young is a better athlete than Kyler Murray. That will not change when Bryce shows his physical ability at the second Alabama Pro Day on Apr. 6.

At least two teams had lengthy conversations with Bryce at the Combine; the Bears and the Texans. No information is available on their conclusions, but thanks to the Yahoo story, we do know some teams are thinking Young’s leadership skills far outweigh any perceived physical limitations.

According to an unnamed team source, what Bryce brings to the NFL is,

"He’s got leadership skills and character without drama. [Bryce] is also more like Drew Brees in that he plays bigger than his size from the pocket."

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Nothing happened (or failed to happen) at the NFL Combine to derail Bryce Young from being the first quarterback chosen in the 2023 NFL Draft.