Alabama Football: Looking for bad dudes on offensive line

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It’s time for Alabama Football ‘Big Uglies’ to get some mean back. The 2023 Alabama Crimson Tide offensive line needs to reestablish that it’s itching to take on all comers.

Among the Tide’s offensive linemen, a spokesman has already stepped up. Sophomore J.C. Latham said,

"I want us to be ruthless. I want guys every time we line up to hike the ball, to be scared of us. I want them to understand that we’re going to hit them in the mouth every play, ready to go four quarters."

Of course, talk never knocked a football player down, but it is a necessary place to start, especially with Alabama coming off a couple of seasons when knocking opponents off the ball in short-yardage situations, was too often a challenge.

There is little doubt about Latham being able to back up his words. But he can’t do it alone. He needs other ‘bad dudes’ around him.

A quick clarification about the need for ‘bad dudes’ is in order. We want Alabama football players to excel in the classroom, frequently talk to women by using ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am’, open doors for others, and say ‘than you’ often.

But on the football field, we want them to be like villains in a Quinton Tarantino film, only bigger and smarter. Latham sounds like he is ready. Eric Wolford needs at least seven more, not including tight ends. On Monday, Nick Saban talked about goals for the offensive line.

"I like the players that we have on the offensive line. I think we have some bigger, more physical players. I think they obviously don’t have as much experience. But I like the attitude. I like their temperament. I like their toughness. And I think the number one thing is we got to create some depth."

Alabama Football and Offensive Line Depth

A much-too-early guess is Eric Wolford expects five of a certain group of six guys to earn starting roles. Monday practice videos appeared to show Darrian Dalcourt at left guard with the expected to be, first group. Some Alabama football fans might prefer to have freshman, Kadyn Proctor instead of Dalcourt. But Dalcourt has considerable starting experience and Proctor will have to beat the veteran out of a job.

So presuming the top six are Latham at right tackle, Tyler Booker at right guard, Seth McLaughlin at center, Dalcourt or Proctor at left guard, and Elijah Prittchett at left tackle, at least two more are needed.

Alabama football insiders think the next most likely options are redshirt sophomore, Terrence Ferguson II; redshirt sophomore, Jaeden Roberts and maybe one of the incoming tackles, Wilkin Formby, getting Wolford to a top eight or nine.

It is a long time until the first scrimmage of fall camp and other names could well emerge. Crimson Tide fans can be excited that by fall Alabama will have just what J.C. Latham described.

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An unconfirmed rumor from Wednesday’s practice is Jase McClellan injured his foot and will need surgery. Also unconfirmed was speculation McClellan would be fully healthy next fall.