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There are three different components in this post. I am guessing the information which will draw the most interest from Alabama Crimson Tide fans is about former Alabama Football, Defensive Coordinator, Jeremy Pruitt.

It is not that Alabama Crimson Tide fans no longer revere Bryce Young and Mac Jones. Alabama fans still do, and always will. But unless they go into coaching after their professional playing careers, neither will have any direct impact on making the Alabama Crimson Tide better.

Many Alabama fans remain convinced adding Jeremy Pruitt to Nick Saban’s staff – in any capacity – would immediately make the Alabama defense better. That is not expected to happen anytime soon, but hope never dies.

What is happening with Pruitt is in a couple of weeks, he will meet with the NCAA. According to AtoZSports the purpose of the meeting is to persuade the NCAA to move forward with the penalty phase of the two-year Tennessee investigation. Pruitt wants the NCAA to not punish him with a show-cause penalty. If that appeal fails, Pruitt wants feedback on the timeline for an NCAA penalty decision.

As I wrote a couple of months ago, Tennessee wants all additional NCAA penalties to be applied to Pruitt instead of its football program.

Predicting what the NCAA will do is folly.

Former Alabama Crimson Tide Quarterbacks

NFL Draft rumors are all over the place. In recent weeks, most draft projections have shown C.J. Stroud being the first overall pick, with Bryce Young being No. 2 to the Hoston Texans. A recent rumor claims the Texans are prepared to be patient in picking a QB and will instead use the No. 2 pick to select former Crimson Tide defender, Will Anderson Jr.

Whatever NFL team drafts Will Anderson Jr. will immediately make their roster better. He would be great for the Texans.

But NFL teams passing on Bryce Young is some mixture of insanity and cowardice. Obsessing about Bryce being two inches too short to make it in the NFL is nonsense. All they have to do is follow Nick Saban’s advice of comparing Bryce Young to Drew Brees.

Not only are Young and Brees almost identical in size, they apparently are comparable in smarts as well.

In other NFL news, it appears the love lost between Bill Belichick and Mac Jones – has not been found. The Patriots had serious problems on offense last season. Most NFL experts attribute the problems more to coaching than to Mac Jones. A recent report claimed Belichick has offered up Jones as a trade opportunity for a few teams.

In what has become something of a New England soap opera, Patriots owner, Robert Kraft has been vocal in his support of Jones. What most drew the ire of Belichick is Mac Jones reached out to the Alabama football staff last season for suggestions to improve New England’s offense. Bordering on the bizarre is when Jones reached out to Tuscaloosa, he certainly would have talked to Bill O’Brien. O’Brien will be Mac’s coach for the 2023 season unless Belichick wins the argument with Kraft and trades Mac.

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Some latest NFL mock drafts have as many as 13 former Alabama Crimson Tide players being selected in the 2023 NFL Draft.