Alabama Football: Six false narratives for 2023 season

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Across the college football world, the favorite theme for many is Alabama Football no longer being what it used to be. Even generally credible college football pundits are not including the Crimson Tide in CFB Playoff final four predictions.

Are there real reasons for Alabama football fans to be concerned? There are some team components creating legitimate doubt. The Crimson Tide failed to make the Playoffs last season, even with wins that would not have happened without some Bryce Young magic.

There are more reasons for doubt. The Alabama Crimson Tide is a very young team. The schedule is difficult. An often repeated college football premise is any team with two new coordinators is proof of team weakness.

Such troublesome unknowns are typical for a program that underperformed in its most recent season. Since underperforming for Alabama is defined as not winning a National Championship, of course, Crimson Tide fans have doubts.

The best way to assuage the doubts is to exercise patience. Trust Nick Saban and sit back to watch the season play out. For many fans of Alabama Football, patience is in short supply. A way to deal with both impatience and doubt is to not buy into false narratives.

Alabama Football False Narratives

Every one of the false narratives in this post comes from claims made and often repeated by so-called college football experts. Even if those experts are right most of the time about other college football issues, the six false narratives that follow should not be embraced.