Alabama Football: QB winning the team before Fall Camp


In every Alabama football offseason when a starting quarterback is not locked in, Nick Saban talks about ‘winning the team’ being a pivotal factor. Such coming together of confidence and support from teammates cannot be manipulated by Saban or his staff.

For other teams with less talented QB rosters, it is possible that no guy ever wins the team, even after gaining a starting role. That will not happen in Tuscaloosa. One reason why is the depth of quarterback talent on the roster. Alabama has five QBs, all highly rated coming out of high school.

Beating out the other four will not be easy, but the quarterback that does will have survived a fierce competition. More simply put, the 2023 starting QB job will neither be given nor won easily. But the winner, whether it comes in camp scrimmages or some week in September, will be the leader the Crimson Tide needs.

Doubting Alabama Football as a Playoff Team

Some pundits doubt Alabama will be a Playoff team. They base that opinion on what is described as a ‘shaky’ QB situation for the Crimson Tide. Doubting is fair. Alabama Football does not have a returning proven winner at quarterback. Added logic from pundits is that if Alabama could not make the Playoffs with last season’s best offensive and defensive players in all of college football, then it cannot in 2023, without them.

The motivational value of such assessments is immense. The 2023 Alabama Crimson Tide will rally around whoever earns the starting role. Why can Alabama fans be confident there will be no QB controversy? Because elite players respect teammates that deliver.

Jalen Milroe is likely the team favorite now. He is well-liked and respected for his work ethic. He recently showed leadership by taking a group to train in Tampa.

There are four wideouts and a tight end in the photo with Milroe, along with a pair of Crimson Tide offensive linemen. The wideouts are Shazz Preston, Malik Benson, Isaiah Bond and Ja’Corey Brooks.

Milroe’s extra time in Tuscaloosa and the relationships he has built with teammates give him an advantage. But in summer drills, along with later fall camp performances, Milroe will have to repeatedly show he has all skills to be a winner against any opponent. If Ty Simpson or Tyler Buchner or either of the young guys shows they can do better, teammates will rally around them as well.

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In 2023, quarterback play may not be spectacular for the Crimson Tide. Because of other team strengths, it likely will not have to be.