Alabama Football: Crimson Tide Top 10 All-Time Rushers

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It is not a simple task to choose the top 10 Alabama Football running backs of all time. There have many more than 10 great Alabama Crimson Tide running backs. The Alabama Crimson Tide Record Book does provide a clear list based on career rushing yards.

But the most career yards might not represent all the nuances of ‘best’ running backs across different eras. In those eras were Crimson Tide running backs that played three seasons rather than four. There are also some top Tide backs who were featured in only two seasons. Another problem comes from the wishbone era, when the Crimson Tide rarely had one lead running back, and carries were split among other running backs and quarterbacks.

The list that follows is the top 10 Alabama football running backs in career yardage. Included in the stats for each Alabama running back is their career yards-per-carry average. Which of the two stats best indicates ‘the best’ can be debated.

One exclusion should be noted. Harry Gilmer was a single-wing halfback for Alabama coach Frank Thomas. From that position, he took direct snaps and was also the Tide’s primary passer. As such, Gilmer was more like today’s quarterbacks. If he had not been given multiple roles, his career rushing numbers would have likely put him in the Crimson Tide’s top 10.