Alabama Football is undefeated against 84 FBS teams

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Alabama Football
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Alabama vs. UNC (1-0)

The Crimson Tide and the Tar Heels have played only once in the 1993 Gator Bowl, with Alabama winning 24-10.

Alabama vs. North Carolina State (5-0)

The Wolfpack is 0-5 against the Crimson Tide with the last Alabama win coming in 1996, 24-19 in Raleigh.

Alabama vs. Illinois (1-0)

The only Crimson Tide game against Illinois was a momentous one. Played on a frigid December night in Memphis, Alabama won the Liberty Bowl. 21-15. It was Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant’s last game. The Alabama football legend died 34 days later.

Alabama vs. Michigan State (2-0)

The Tide and the Spartans have played twice. The second Alabama win came in a 2015 CFB Playoff semi-final. In the two games, Alabama outscored the Spartans 87-7.

Alabama vs. Rutgers (2-0)

The only games between the two programs came from a home-and-home in 1980 and 1981. The Scarlett Knights gave the Tide a tough time in 1980, losing 17-13 at the Meadowlands. Alabama had it easier the next season in Tuscaloosa, winning 31-7.

Alabama vs. Washington (5-0)

Two of the five Crimson Tide wins are most noteworthy. The first was in the 1926 Rose Bowl when the Huskies were expected to embarrass the Crimson Tide. Alabama won 20-19 leading to the Crimson Tide’s first National Championship. The most recent Tide win over Washington was 24-7 in a 2016 CFB Playoff semi-final.

Alabama vs. Washington State (1-0)

Alabama has played the Cougars once, with Wallace Wade’s last Alabama team winning the 1931 Rose Bowl, 24-0.

Alabama vs. Stanford (1-0-1)

The Crimson Tide is undefeated from games in 1927 and 1935. However, one small Crimson Tide blemish is a 7-7 tie in the 1927 Rose Bowl.