Alabama Football: Power Rankings 2023 SEC Divisions

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SEC Media Days are great fun for Alabama football fans and hopeful fans of the 13 other SEC teams. By the week’s end, there will be a multitude of pronouncements about which teams were the biggest winners in the annual SEC football talking event.

At the end of every SEC Media Days event, pontificating will turn to predicting and will include a media poll ranking the SEC teams. One thing about the media polls is good to remember. They are especially accurate. Going back to when they began in 1992, the preseason SEC media polls have correctly picked the SEC Champion just 10 times.

Why are the recognized experts so often wrong? It is because each of them can only know so much. There are very knowledgeable media people with deep knowledge of a single team, maybe even several teams. But even with all depth there is in college football coverage, it is fans that dive deepest and compile the most information. None of the media experts have better insight than most fans have about their favored team. That is why college football experts trying to be ‘expert’ on an entire conference, or a group of Playoff contenders are often wrong.

The 2023 SEC Power Rankings that follow suffer from the same flaw described in the above paragraph. No matter how much anyone knows about ‘a’ team, none of us know enough about most other teams.

Are my rankings flawed by being an Alabama football fan? Of course, they are. But it is possible the rankings are no more flawed than those derived by supposedly objective experts.