Alabama Football: Going into fall camp what to predict and not


All of us who closely follow Alabama football are intensely interested in the Crimson Tide starting quarterback battle. For some, the interest is so consuming there is no patience. Every prediction of who will be Alabama’s QB1 gives hope of closure.

A probable reality is no ‘settled’ QB1 will be known until week two or week three of the season. It is even possible the drama could continue until week four.

My take is any prediction a certain guy will be QB1 against Texas is simply a guess. The good news is that’s okay because it means Steve Sarkisian and Texas, Defensive Coordinator, Pete Kwiatkowski must guess as well – and prepare for multiple quarterbacks.

Alabama football fans can take a couple of deep breaths and let the Tide quarterback competition play itself out. Credible information from fall camp scrimmages will be insightful. Bama Hammer will share all we learn and add what we think is happening.

Though the interest is less intense, most of the above applies to the other Alabama football, position group battles. The difference with the other positions is there is little or no added value in delay. The coaching staff will reduce practice reps at most positions after the first scrimmage. The exceptions will be any positions the staff is comfortable in using a rotation, such as running back, wide receiver, defensive line, but possibly also on the offensive line.

Alabama Football Sound Predictions

There are some givens to use in predicting what will transpire during fall camp and into the early weeks of the season. When Nick Saban begrudgingly shares a depth chart at the start of Middle Tennessee State week, ‘or’ will be used often. In fairness to Saban, some starter competitions may be truly undecided at that point.

Another safe prediction is at some point during fall camp, Saban will have to answer another retirement question. That the question has been asked (and answered) over and over and over does not satisfy some pundits. Saban news seen below was quickly used by Paul Finebaum and others to claim Saban had bought a ‘retirement home.’

Another prediction can be made about an opposing coach. Before the evening ends on Sept. 9 in Tuscaloosa, former Alabama football assistant and current Texas assistant, Jeff Banks will have to admit being wrong about Texas playing in Bryant-Denny being a no bigger challenge than playing at Kansas and Iowa State. The Alabama crowd won’t need any firing up for the big game, but Banks stupidly gave Crimson Tide fans some added fuel.

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As we get closer to the season, Bama Hammer will add a few more ‘take it to the bank’ predictions.