Alabama Football: Preseason Coaches Poll shines on the Tide

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There is an ‘always’ given that Alabama Football will be included in every preseason USA Today Coaches Poll. Historically, that is not 100% accurate, but the exceptions are too few to count. On Monday the first and only preseason poll from the coaches put the Alabama Crimson Tide in a fair position, and more importantly, in an opportune position.

The Georgia Bulldogs were No. 1. Two other teams received first-place votes, but the reigning two-time National Champion deserved to be No. 1.

The other two teams receiving first-place votes were Alabama Football with four votes and Ohio State with one vote. Georgia garnered 61 first-place votes.

Four teams received 1,485 voting points or more. Georgia got 1,643 points. At No. 2, the Michigan Wolverines gained 1,510 votes. Alabama at No. 3 got 1,489 votes, closely followed by Ohio State at 1,485 votes.

LSU was a No, 5 with 1,294 votes. The other preseason-ranked SEC teams were Tennessee at No. 10, Ole Miss at No. 22 and Texas A&M at No. 25.

Along with the five SEC teams in the preseason Top 25, seven more SEC teams were listed in the ‘Others Receiving Votes’ group. Based on total points for that large group of ‘others’, South Carolina was No. 27; Florida, No. 28; Kentucky, No. 32; Arkansas, No. 35; Auburn, No. 39; Mississippi State, No. 42 and Missouri, No. 44. The only SEC team missing in the voting was the Vanderbilt Commodores.

A complete list of the Top 25 is provided below.

Why Alabama Football at No. 3 is great

Of course, Georgia had to be ranked No. 1. Is Michigan at No. 2, a better team than Alabama? I seriously doubt it, but I like the Wolverines pushing the Tide down one spot. Crimson Tide players don’t need much added motivation, but being at No. 3 will provide some. In that vein, Alabama at No. 4 might have been even better.

The key advantage for Alabama Football is being inside the top four. Presumptions are not to be trusted, but there always is speculation that teams below No. 4 in the rankings are not top CFB Playoff contenders. In terms of preseason rankings, the Alabama Crimson Tide could not be in a better place.

Aug. 7 USA Today Coaches Poll Top 25

  1. Georgia Bulldogs – 1,643 points
  2. Michigan Wolverines – 1, 510 points
  3. Alabama Crimson Tide – 1,489 points
  4. Ohio State Buckeyes – 1,485 points
  5. LSU Bengal Tigers – 1,294 points
  6. Southern Cal Trojans – 1,228 points
  7. Penn State Nittany Lions – 1,181 points
  8. Florida State Seminoles – 1,145 points
  9. Clemson Tigers – 1,078 points
  10. Tennessee Vols – 991 points
  11. Washington Huskies – 941 points
  12. Texas Longhorns – 848 points
  13. Notre Dame Fighting Irish – 841 points
  14. Utah Utes – 839 points
  15. Oregon Ducks – 820 points
  16. Texas Christian Horned Frogs – 655 points
  17. Kansas State Wildcats – 440 points
  18. Oregon State Beavers – 365 points
  19. Oklahoma Sooners – 320 points
  20. North Carolina Tar Heels – 315 points
  21. Wisconsin Badgers – 309 points
  22. Ole Miss Rebels – 303 points
  23. Tulane Green Wave – 225 points
  24. Texas Tech Red Raiders – 200 points
  25. Texas A&M Aggies – 196 points

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Alabama Crimson Tide fans have good reason to be pleased with the USA Today Preseason Coaches Poll.