Alabama Football: Joy in Auburn, Toomer’s oaks can be rolled


No doubt few Alabama football fans are celebrating Auburn’s recent joy. The Aubies are elated because the oak trees at Toomer’s Corner can now be officially rolled again. The new oaks, planted after the old ones were poisoned several years ago, have grown sufficiently to withstand being cloaked in toilet paper like Auburn’s good ole days.

Auburn fans are so excited not even today’s pricey TP will deter them. Look for a run on the product in Auburn, in preparation for a celebration after Auburn beats the 133rd-best team in the FBS. There are 133 FBS teams this season, so at No. 133, UMass is last.

The Aubies will be able to roll Toomer’s again in week three, after beating up another cupcake in Samford. They may not have another home win to celebrate until mid-November.

As I have acknowledged many times before, the FanSided site Fly War Eagle provides excellent content. Andrew and Mary Kate Hughes are to be commended. Still, some Auburn opinions offered by the site raise the eyebrows of Alabama football fans. When that happens, Bama Hammer is obligated to chime in.

An Alabama Football fan counter opinion

Recently the Auburn fansite described the current environment for Auburn football as,

"After Gus Malzahn and Bryan Harsin, a ray of sunshine ‘looks like a heat wave’ to Auburn fans"

It is a well-written line. It could be to every Auburn fan, it rings true. To those of us who are not Auburn fans, suggesting ‘The Reverend’ Hugh Freeze provides sunshine is quite a stretch. I guess though, to any who see Nick Saban as a demon, assigning brightness and hope to Hugh Freeze is an easy projection.

For me, two more perspectives must be added. Auburn is a lovely village and it is easy to understand why those that live there love it. Also what a deranged Alabama football fan did to the oak trees years ago was disgusting. Surely many Alabama fans were like me and also found the attack on the trees an embarrassment. I’m glad Auburn has healthy oaks at Toomer’s Corner.

Next. Fall Camp Competition. dark

Though it would not go well, and as such it should not be tried, Alabama football fans rolling Toomer’s after the Tide’s November Iron Bowl win would be great fun.