Alabama Football: Final Pre-Season Depth Chart Prediction

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Alabama football fans have many depth chart questions. Some, but not all, will be answered by Nick Saban on Aug. 28. Even in the first month of the season, the starters and other key rotational players will likely be fluid.

A depth chart for the Tide’s running backs is pointless. Roydell Williams, Jase McClellan, Jam Miller and Justice Haynes will each get plenty of touches. With so much talent in the running back group, separation may only come from the best at ball security and pass protection. They are all dangerous runners and good pass receivers.

Tight end might be the next most settled offensive position group. CJ Dippre, Amari Niblack, Danny Lewsis Jr. and Robbe Ouzts will rotate situationally with Dippre and Nibalck likely to get the most snaps.

Alabama Football Offensive Line

In the offensive line, the center is set with Seth McLaughlin and right tackle will be All-American JC Latham. Left tackle might have a rotation of Kadyn Proctor and Elijah Pritchett. The guard positions are unsettled with Tyler Booker taking one, either left or right and Terrence Ferguson II and Darrian Dalcourt competing to be the Tide’s other starting guard. As a given, rotating offensive linemen is not favored, though it was used by the Tide last season. It is possible the left tackle and one of the guard slots could have a rotation, if for no other reason than building depth.

Crimson Tide Receivers

With potentially frequent use of two tight ends, the wide receiver rotation will likely be no more than six, and maybe just five in the early games. Alabama fans are concerned about drops, but it is good to remember that Nick Saban will not tolerate an ineffective blocker, as well.