Alabama Football: From a QB expert, an inside look at Jalen Milroe

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Recently, Bama Hammer interviewed Brad Stanfield to learn more about the next Alabama football starter at quarterback, Jalen Milroe. Milroe is yet to officially be named QB1, but as I have written multiple times, there is no reason to doubt he will be.

Stanfield teaches quarterbacks in Houston, Dallas and Austin, TX. From middle-schoolers and high school players to college and NFL quarterbacks, Stanfield has a 16-year teaching career. Stanfield graduated from high school in Prattville, AL, and knows the history and culture of Alabama Football. His college degrees are from Alabama and Southern Cal. At both places, early in his career, he was able to learn from the systems and philosophies of Nick Saban and Pete Carroll.

Many Alabama football fans remember former Crimson Tide receiver, Mike McCoy. McCoy and Stansfield were in Tuscaloosa together. McCoy founded and owns the Maximum Performance Institute in Bessemer, AL. McCoy’s working relationship with Stanfield goes back to when McCoy was an Alabama sophomore. Describing Stanfield now, McCoy says the two of them share the same principles they developed in Tuscaloosa, commitment, toughness, pride, discipline, and effort.

Alabama football fans can recognize in McCoy’s words the foundational tenets of Nick Saban’s path to individual and team success.

Brad Stanfield believes the person Jalen Milroe is, is a perfect match for Nick Saban’s and Alabama Football’s culture.

Stanfield began working with Jalen Milroe as a seventh grader and taught him throughout his high school career in Texas.  He says he quickly realized Milroe was an exceptional young player with tremendous potential. Stanfield credits Milroe’s family with bringing Jalen to him as a young player already possessing “discipline, commitment, determination, and toughness.” Stanfield says from the start “Jalen soaked up everything he was taught.”

During the interview, we discussed whether another established quarterback could be considered a comp for Milroe’s potential. Deshaun Watson was considered with Stanfield pointing out Milroe is faster. Jalen Hurts was also considered, with Stanfield thinking there are good reasons to compare, though, as a runner, Milroe “has more wiggle.” Stanfield’s conclusion is Jalen Milroe’s potential is so high, he cannot be accurately compared to anyone.

What Milroe lacks to succeed as Alabama Football QB1

I asked Stanfield what Milroe is lacking. His answer was only one thing, game experience. When given that experience and working through the learning curve that goes with it, Stanfield predicts great success for Milroe and the Alabama offense.

We also talked about Tommy Rees and what he will mean for Alabama and Milroe. Stanfield is enthusiastic that Nick Saban hired Rees. Along with believing Milroe is an exact fit for the Alabama football culture, Stanfield has another reason to trust in the Rees and Milroe combination. The example is what Rees accomplished with Ian Book at Notre Dame. Rees was Book’s quarterback coach for four seasons at Notre Dame, plus being his offensive coordinator in Book’s fourth season. For the Fighting Irish, Book passed for almost 9,000 yards and ran for over 1,500 more. Stanfield believes Nick Saban was considering Book’s performance and Jalen Milroe’s potential when he hired Tommy Rees.

A key thought for Alabama football fans to consider goes back to a recent comment by Tyler Booker. Booker said he and his teammates are waiting for “that look” that Bryce Young and other great QBs have. The look that makes it clear no stage and no situation is too big to conquer.

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Brad Stanfield and Jalen Milroe are men of faith. Exhibiting character that benefits others is important to them. Given their many years working together, Stanfield, more than anyone outside the Milroe family, has been able to ‘look’ at what is inside Jalen Milroe. Brad Stanfield has seen in Jalen Milroe ‘that look’ and hopefully soon Alabama football players will see it as well.