Alabama Football: Crimson Tide offensive line flips an Aubie

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Admittedly, for Alabama football fans to call former Auburn football player, Cole Cubelic an Aubie is unfair. Cubelic is a fair, open-minded sports broadcasting professional. Whenever he talks it is wise for Alabama Crimson Tide fans to listen.

Cubelic, along with other sports media gigs, does a radio show with Greg McElroy. Cubelic knows much about all facets of football. The position group he understands best is the one he played at Auburn; the offensive line. Other than a college or NFL coach, it would be very difficult to find anyone who understands offensive line play more than Cole Cubelic.

A bit of background is that Cubelic has been one of many media people to pick LSU to win the SEC West. He has changed his mind. His pick is now Alabama Football and it is because of the Crimson Tide’s offensive line.

Cubelic talks Alabama Football

What Cubelic said on Thursday can be heard in the tweet below. A portion of his comments are included in a quote below the tweet.

  • “… as we get closer to kickoff, there are going to be certain aspects of this Alabama offensive line … there are going to be some things about the Alabama offensive line … some details that I honest-to God am not sure I have ever seen before.”

There is speculation that Cubelic attended a recent Alabama football practice and saw at least some of what he is talking about. He also said he had reached out to other offensive line experts for added insight.

It is important to note that, according to Cubelic, more specifics will become known in around 10 days or so. That would coincide with the Crimson Tide’s opening game. We can also speculate that his practice attendance included a stipulation that his reporting be limited until the season begins.

What we already know is that the Crimson Tide offensive line is going to maul some Blue Raiders on Sept. 2. Middle Tennessee State’s defensive line reportedly averages just 271 pounds.

The Texas coaches will watch the game carefully for new clues about the Tide. Alabama will not need much and likely not show much of its offense against MTSU. A couple of backups may rotate with the OL starters, before the Tide’s second and possibly third-unit offensive linemen finish out the game.

A guess is the Crimson Tide will mostly pound its running backs and show little of running plays that feature Jalen Milroe.

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Alabama football fans have good reason to be excited by Cole Cubelic’s comments. In October and beyond, the Tide’s offensive line can lead a championship run.