Alabama Football: Week 1 Depth Chart without a single ‘or’

Aaron E. Martinez/Austin American-Statesman-USA TODAY NETWORK
Aaron E. Martinez/Austin American-Statesman-USA TODAY NETWORK /

In week one of every Alabama football season, Nick Saban’s favorite word is ‘or’. Crimson Tide fans expect ‘or’ to be used frequently when Monday’s official depth chart is released.

There are multiple good reasons to use ‘or’. At some positions, the competition is so tight, that a gameday decision is logical. There can also be legitimate use of depth chart ‘sleight of hand’ to keep opposing coaches from knowing too much.

So on Monday, when the Nick Saban, Alabama Football depth chart is released and is far from full disclosure, there will be no complaints from me.

As part of the prediction explosion across college football that peaks just before the start of the new season, I’m throwing out an effort to name the Crimson Tide’s starters against MTSU. No ‘or’ for me.

Alabama Football Defense

The list includes three defensive linemen, four linebackers and six defensive backs for a total of 13 positions. In Nick Saban’s complex defense, another five or so players could play key situational roles.

Defensive EndsJustin Eboigbe and Jaheim Oatis. Oatis will play inside and out.

NoseTim Keenan

Outside LinebackersDallas Turner and Chris Braswell

Inside LinebackersDeontae Lawson (Mike), Trezmen Marshall (Will). I also expect Jihaad Campbell to rotate with Marshall

CornerbacksKool-Aid McKinstry and Terrion Arnold

SafetiesCaleb Downs and Jaylen Key

StarMalachi Moore

Money Jaylen Key

In the main Dime defense my prediction when Key moves to Money, Moore will move to safety and Trey Amos will be at Star, making Amos the sixth starting defensive back.

Alabama Football Offense

Thirteen positions are also listed for the Crimson Tide offense, including two running backs, three wideouts and two tight ends.

Quarterback Jalen Milroe. Against MTSU, I expect Ty Simpson and Tyler Buchner will play in that order. Dylan Lonergan will likely get mop-up work as well.

Running BackJase McClellan and (not or) Roydell Williams. Jam Miller and Justice Haynes will get almost as much work as the first two. I will not be surprised if Jam Miller becomes the lead back early in the season, but frequent rotation with all four will continue.

Wide ReceiverJermaine Burton, Isaiah Bond and Malik Benson

Tight EndCJ Dippre and Amari Niblack

Left TackleKadyn Proctor

Left GuardTyler Booker. Booker and Latham would make a powerful combination on the right, but as Nick Saban has said, pairing an experienced player with Proctor is a big help for the freshman.

CenterSeth McLaughlin

Right GuardDarrian Dalcourt. Terrence Ferguson rotating with Dalcourt would not be a surprise.

Right Tackle – Preseason All-American JC Latham

Next. Crimson Tide Offensive Line flips an Aubie. dark

However the starters shake out against MTSU, there could be changes as soon as the Texas game.