Alabama Football: Not getting riled up over no depth chart

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(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

Every Alabama football fan can pick their side on the sound and fury caused by Nick Saban’s depth chart deletion. Or should we call it not a deletion but an evasion? Count me in what may be a minority opinion that no week one depth chart really is not a big deal.

There are two main reasons why I am not stressed. The main reason is many Crimson Tide fans probably already know around 16-18 players who will make up the Tide’s first units on offense and defense. If we expand the first units to include multiple formations, instead of 16-18 of 22 players, we probably know 24-26 of 30-plus.

We will be surprised by only a few of Nick Saban’s choices for the Middle Tennessee State game.

The other reason is MTSU is a much different opponent than Texas. Starters suited to the schemes of the Blue Raiders may not match up as well with Texas schematically. As Nick Saban has said over and over during fall camp, first-game starters are nothing more than starters in the first game. Much can change in the early weeks of the season.

It is understandable why many Alabama football fans maintain so much interest in depth charts. Compared to college football seasons, offseasons are long and every morsel of information about what to expect from a next season is devoured. Alabama football fans don’t gain enough information from A-Day, Fan Day, and practice photos, plus short practice video snippets. We will always want more.

Many coaches across college football must help generate fan interest. At Alabama and other elite programs that is not needed. If Nick Saban believes it is in the best interest of his team to delay a depth chart, Alabama fans should accept the disappointment and adjust expectations. After all, in less than two weeks we’ll know much about the Crimson Tide team.

Nick Saban is not the only coach to skip a week one depth chart. According to Mark Heim of, Jimbo Fisher and Brian Kelly are doing so as well.

Tiring Media Reactions to Nick Saban and Alabama Football

Of course, for some media people, an opportunity to bash Saban can’t be missed. Tim Brando has never been able to hide his distaste for the Alabama program. He predictably jumped at the chance to bash Saban.

"Nick Saban’s not delivering a Depth Chart is beneath him, despite likely giving the guys calling the game some semblance of lineups. He should be above that but clearly these days he’s not in the best of moods…Why bully his local media in such a manner? The …kissing he’s demanding here is a joke! When much is given, much is also expected and the Goat needs to act like the greatest as opposed using your brand as a bully pulpit and that’s all this is!"

Tim is entitled to whatever opinion he wants to spew – so ‘whatever’ is my disinterested response.

dark. Next. The Tide's most important position group.

Enough already, let’s have some actual football. Thankfully it is coming soon.