Alabama Football: Power Ranking the SEC after week one

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Alabama Football and nine other SEC football teams are 1-0 after week one of the 2023 college football season. The Vanderbilt Commodores are 2-0 with an extra game having come in week zero of the season.

Most of the week one schedule was filled with cupcake games for SEC football teams. A byproduct of so many guaranteed wins is ranking the SEC teams is a fuzzy process. Ranking the bottom two SEC teams is straightforward based on losses. Even ranking the top three or four is not overly difficult. In between from the SEC’s fifth best, down to No. 12, imprecision abounds.

Undaunted by the challenge, let’s jump into it.

Week One SEC Football Power Rankings

  • No. 14 – Florida Gators (0-1)

The Gators lost to a better-than-good Utah team by a respectable score of 24-11. Unfortunately, Florida looked bad doing it. The Utes played with their number three quarterback but did not need much offense, thanks to a defense that overpowered the Gators. Florida appeared poorly coached and unprepared to compete against a quality team.

  • No. 13 – South Carolina Gamecocks (0-1)

The Gamecocks trailed by only three points at halftime, 17-14. The final was a 31-17 win for North Carolina. The 17 points scored by South Carolina is misleading. The Gamecocks two running backs rushed 17 times for a total of 22 yards. Spencer Rattler passed for 353 yards but the Tar Heels recorded nine sacks.

  • No. 12 – Missouri Tigers (1-0)

The Tigers did not earn much cred from a 35-10 win over South Dakota. The Coyotes of the Missouri Valley Conference were 3-8 last season.