Some Alabama football fans still looking to Simpson or Buchner as QB1

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After week one, Alabama football starting quarterback Jalen Milroe was named SEC Co-Offensive Player of the Week. That is no minor achievement for a quarterback making only his second college start.

Most Alabama Crimson Tide fans are beyond relieved that Milroe played so well against Middle Tennessee State. As I wrote After the MTSU game, there is no longer a QB1 competition for the Crimson Tide. Jalen Milroe will start against Texas and barring an unexpected turn of events, any other Crimson Tide QB will only see the field against Texas in mop-up duty.

Why am I so sure? First, Nick Saban does not like to rotate quarterbacks. Secondly, at this point, neither Ty Simpson nor Tyler Buchner would provide as many quarterback attributes as Jalen Milroe.

For either Buchner or Simpson, two things would have to happen before either could replace Milroe as QB1. First, Jalen Milroe has the job. He does not have to win it. For another guy to have a chance to move up to QB1, Milroe would have to lose it first.

Unless Milroe is injured there is no clear path to QB 1 for Simpson or Milroe. The only remaining quarterback competition in Tuscaloosa is for QB2. That competition is extremely important. At any moment, either Buchner or Simpson might be asked to lead the Alabama football offense down a championship path. Tommy Rees must get them ready.  My guess is, it was seen from the MTSU game, which one he and Nick Saban have the most confidence in.

Alabama Football Fans and Different Opinions

Instead of enjoying relief and celebration from Jalen Milroe’s opening game performance, some Alabama fans staunchly hold on to doubt. Some are sure Ty Simpson is the only Crimson Tide QB good enough to handle top defenses. Others are less sure about Simpson but have suddenly realized that Tyler Buchner is a valuable asset that could be rotated with Milroe, allowing both to develop. There is also a small contingent so sure the best Alabama quarterback on the roster is Dylan Lonergan, they want to see him leapfrog to QB1 – now, not later.

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Tommy Rees and Nick Saban have zero interest in any of the conflicting opinions. Hopefully, Jalen Milroe has turned down or turned off social media to avoid such distractions.