Alabama Football: Nick Saban’s Monday comments quietly telling

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On Monday, Nick Saban reviewed the Texas game with reporters. He and the Alabama football staff had before then scrutinized every moment of the game video. They knew exactly what happened and didn’t against the Longhorns.

On Monday Saban, as always, only slightly pulled back the curtain shielding a clear view of the Alabama football team. Still, some of his Monday comments were telling and foreshadowed what could be a significant change for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Saban said he would be “shocked” if the players did not respond well to the loss. He stressed that Alabama has good players and that he believes in them. He added the Crimson Tide must have “better execution” and must do “simple things better.”

Then he made a telling statement.

"The future is now. We’ve go to do it now."

Obviously, ‘now’ is essential. There is no more margin for error. Whatever growing pains the Alabama Crimson Tide was expected to work through in 2023, must now be worked through quickly. A week from Saturday, an Alabama football team performing as it did Saturday night, could lose in Tuscaloosa again. Ole Miss may not be as good as Texas, but early in the season, the Rebels are better than expected.

Alabama Football Quarterback Play

Saban was careful when talking about quarterback play in the future. Weaknesses evident in Jalen Milroe against Texas were only included among several team deficiencies against the Longhorns. He was asked specifically about Tyler Bucher’s development. Reading too much into the answer is possible, but it might indicate Saban is considering not just playing Milroe and Buchner against USF, but that the QB1 status is in question.

"(On Buchner) He played really well in the last scrimmage. He’s done really well in practice, so we feel really good about how he’s continued to improve and develop and gain confidence in what he is doing."

The simple response was the most positive comment Saban has made about Buchner since the former Notre Dame quarterback arrived in Tuscaloosa. Maybe it is a stretch to suggest that Buchner will play early in the USF game, but such praise and “the future is now” suggests Buchner has a chance in this week’s practice and in Tampa, to win the QB1 job.

In other Alabama football news, six Crimson Tide players were chosen as Players of the Week in the Texas game. They were on offense, Kobe Prentice; and on defense, Malachi Moore and Deontae Lawson. On special teams, Will Reichard, James Burnip, and Kendrick Law were selected.

A full video of the media session can be seen below.

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CBS has announced the Ole Miss game will be at 2:30 PM CST.