Alabama Football: Nick Saban sent a clear message Wednesday


On Wednesday evening, Nick Saban was in fine form during his regular mid-week review of Alabama Football. Some of what he said was a repeat of what he has been telling Crimson Tide players this week. Other comments were clear statements about what matters and shouldn’t matter both inside and outside the Alabama football program.

It is not unusual for Nick Saban to give insightful media review sessions. Unfortunately, what gets the most national media attention is after a stupid or unclear question and Saban ‘rants’ in response.

There was no ranting on Wednesday. There was plenty of seriousness. A focused Nick Saban was not in the mood for levity as he precisely answered media questions.

One example can be seen in the tweet below. It is from the last question in the media review session.

Saban with clear Alabama Football message

Earlier in the media session, Nick Saban talked about the mindset and execution needed for Alabama to play to its standard.

"Everybody play to a standard, everybody buy into, not just talking about what the standard is but what do I actually have to do to be able to accomplish that, to play that, prepare so that we can go and play the games to that level and do it for 60 minutes in the game."

The ‘talking about the standard’ is no doubt a message to the Alabama football team and specifically to the players whose performance on Saturday night did not back up their claims during the offseason.

This week, next week, and all the weeks that follow in the 2023 season are ‘put up or shut time’ situations for an Alabama football team that has no remaining margin for error.

On the minds of Alabama football fans, this week has been whether any personnel changes will be made.  Most of the attention is on the quarterback position, but there are other starting slots being questioned. Asked about what goes into making such a player change, Nick Saban did not divulge his intentions, but at the same time, he was clear,

"I said this to the team, if you want security at your position, then you have to play well. That’s what gets you security at your position. If you are not playing well, then we’re going to evaluate can anyone else play that position more consistently, better, whatever … in a results-oriented world, we have to live with consequences of what we do."

Saban added that making a personnel change has to be performance-based and how it is affecting everybody else on the team. His detailed answer suggests that making a change has been on his mind this week.

Thanks to WVTM-13 for the full media session video below.

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How much better Alabama plays on Saturday may be clouded by an opponent with serious weaknesses. That does not mean, the Crimson Tide will not be measured against playing up to its own standard.