Alabama Football: Chatter and rumor coming out of T-Town


Some college football weeks fly by. Others just crawl toward Saturday. Maybe not for the Alabama football team, but for Crimson Tide fans, college football week three has been one of the crawl weeks.

The best remedy for a loss is always a win. The Crimson Tide will get one in Tampa on Saturday. Depending on how the game goes, the win may or may not be as satisfying as Crimson Tide fans want.

This week, many suggestions have been offered by college football pundits and Crimson Tide fans. There is wide debate over what Alabama must do and cannot do going forward.

A list of frequently cited or endorsed problems and solutions is provided below, along with my perspective, in italics.

Note: Don’t miss a Friday morning UPDATE below.

Alabama Football Observations and Suggestions

  • Per Josh Pate, “the coaching staff is not good enough.” Pate is known for sound analysis. He was talking about assistant coaches, and perhaps he could be right on this, but only to a degree that is nearly impossible to define. Some very good college football coaches are earning big dollars to not coach in Tuscaloosa, as in former Tide coaches, and assistants Nick Saban wanted, but would not get into a bidding war over. And the Crimson Tide has good assistant coaches. 
  • From Crimson Tide fans, new starters are needed; at quarterback and two or three positions on the offensive line. We all have our opinions, but we have to base them on incomplete information. I think there will be a change or two, but I don’t know when, and relying on Nick Saban to make the right call makes sense.
  • Also from Alabama fans, pass rush problems are a byproduct of not having top talent. I get this claim, and though I am shocked it might be true, I’m in wait-and-see mode.
  • Peak gloom and doom from a few Alabama fans is the claim, that today’s college football game has passed Nick Saban by. I’ll just say I seriously doubt this to be the case. Others can disagree, but in certain position groups, Alabama needed a rebuilding year after the last two seasons. I believe Nick Saban, at the least, is getting that job done for more championship runs.

Alabama Football Chatter and Rumor

Chatter in this use, is informed opinion. Rumor is just rumor and nothing more.

  • The chatter is the coaching staff will give Tyler Buchner plenty of opportunity on Saturday to show he can be the best QB1.
  • Rumor is Buchner and Milroe have shared practice with the ones this week; 50-50.
  • Another rumor is to expect game experiments on the offensive that might involve three players.
  • The least likely rumor to occur is that Nick Saban will relent on using two QBs and Jalen Milroe and Tyler Buchner will each have a package, suited to their skills.
  • A lingering rumor that began before this week is that Dylan Lonergan is Alabama’s most skilled quarterback.

UPDATE from Friday morning based on the tweet below.

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To me, the best response to all of the above, including my perspectives, is fortunately there is an Alabama game tomorrow.