Alabama Football: What happened with again QB1 Jalen Milroe

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One very important thing happened for Alabama Football on Saturday. Jalen Milroe, who was not going to start the game against USF, also apparently knew he was not going to play. Despite that, Milroe was one of the Crimson Tide players who enthusiastically led the Alabama team on the field in the pre-game.

Later, after a Crimson Tide touchdown, Milroe sprinted onto the field to hug Alabama quarterback Ty Simpson in celebration.

Milroe’s actions did not go unnoticed by Alabama football fans. Nick Saban noticed them too and mentioned Jalen Milroe’s supportive attitude after the game.

On Monday announced had re-earned the Crimson Tide starting job.

"Jalen really showed the leadership that I was looking for during the game in terms of supporting his teammates and doing things he needed to do.I think he’s earned the opportunity to be the quarterback."

There may still be some Alabama football fans who believe the Crimson Tide’s championship chances are best with Ty Simpson at QB. Even those (and other Alabama fans) must also be pulling for Jalen Milroe to succeed.

For Milroe and the Crimson Tide, it will not be easy. Some Alabama fans are determined to hold on to a negative perspective about Milroe and Saban (and other QBS) in the Crimson Tide quarterback dilemma. That negativity will not hurt Alabama on the field. Instead, the Crimson Tide offense has the challenge of a must-win game this weekend against Ole Miss.

Earlier, I discussed the Tide’s path to beating Ole Miss and reminded that no college football coaches know Alabama as well as Lane Kiffin and Pete Golding. If that knowledge puts Alabama in an offensive shootout on Saturday, the Ole Miss Rebels will have an advantage.

A new and Improved Alabama Football QB?

If the Ole Miss gameplan is designed around Milroe’s considerable skills and if the players around him consistently do their jobs, a new Jalen Miroe could emerge on Saturday. Depending on two ‘ifs’ is discomforting to Alabama fans, but that is where we are.

Although Nick Saban has never liked it, a two-QB plan could make sense against Ole Miss. With adequate protection, Ty Simpson’s passing could eliminate any loading of the box Pete Golding is inclined to use.

At the least, the possibility of having to defend two different offensive approaches makes the Ole Miss preparation harder.

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On Monday, in an important week for Alabama football, any and all optimism is valuable.