Alabama Football: Nick Saban agrees with Crimson Tide fans

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Monday is always Alabama Football review and preview day for Nick Saban. His pre-practice media review is informative with Saban usually relaxed, while also being, as always, on message.

This Monday was a tad different. Asked about being in a shotgun formation at the Ole Miss one-yard line, Saban agreed with the question from almost every Alabama football fan. Why?

What happened against Ole Miss was that the Crimson Tide got a punt block from Ja’Corey Brooks. Alabama recovered and took over at the Ole Miss one and the thought of not scoring a touchdown was probably not in the mind of a single Crimson Tide fan.

We were all wrong. With the Tide in the gun, a snap sailed above and past Jalen Milroe’s head. Not only was the snap high, but apparently the Tide QB and center Seth McLaughlin had a disconnect on the timing of the snap.

Saban’s response was direct while also being careful to not completely throw Tommy Rees under the team bus.

"Not smart on our part to do what we did and you get a bad snap after all that but still, I’m not defending anybody but with better execution we shouldn’t have snapped the ball over the quarterback’s head. We got to get on the same page on the snap count. I agree, there’s a time when it’s 1st-and-1 at the one: why do you need to be in the gun?"

Many Alabama football fans might disagree with what Nick Saban about Saturday’s road game in Starkville.

"This is actually a bigger challenge for us than the last two games, in my opinion, because this team is very physical, very aggressive on defense."

Saban might be 100% correct because Mississippi State is widely accepted to be one of the SEC’s most physical teams. The ‘bigger challenge’ part of the quote might be a stretch in implying that overall State is a better team than Ole Miss. The Bulldogs are certainly worlds beyond South Florida and with a road game, Saban knows his team can take nothing for granted.

Alabama Football and a Trap Game?

Though the term ‘trap game’ is overused and is often meaningless, this week it might be an apt description. At this point, looking ahead to College Station would be a major mistake for the Alabama football team.

Saban was also asked to reflect on Mississippi State coach, Mike Leach whose untimely death occurred last December. His answer can be seen below.

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