Alabama Football: Five reasons the Crimson Tide beats the Aggies

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Contrary to many national college football pundits my pick for this afternoon is an Alabama Football win. Some ‘experts’ are predicting the Aggies will win by two touchdowns. Other, more reasonable reasons voiced for picking Texas A&M cite the Kyle Field crowd, along with the too many Crimson Tide inconsistencies this season.

I understand the arguments that at home, the Aggies might be 3-7 points better than the Crimson Tide. Maybe they are, but I seriously doubt it. Alabama, while playing near its potential, is better than any team on its regular season schedule.

I do expect a close game. The Aggies have a high level of talent, especially on the defensive line and at wide receiver. In addition, Kyle Field will be a factor for the Crimson Tide offense. To me, A&M QB, Max Johnson’s experience is a major Aggies’ advantage. His starter experience and poise gained, from being a starter at LSU, gives him an edge reading the Tide ‘D’ that Conner Weigman would not have had.

Five Reasons Alabama Football Will Win

  • Nick Saban is a better coach than Jimbo Fisher – a lot better. Also, Fisher has the weight of being in a game that if the Aggies lose will crush the narrative he has finally built a championship-quality roster.
  • The Texas A&M defense is very good and at times the Aggies are scary good. The Crimson Tide defense is better, even if Deontae Lawson has to watch. Thursday night on Hey Coach Radio Show, Nick Saban talked about the Tide defense.

"Our defense has done well. We’ve given up, like, 14 points a game …The biggest thing with our defense is when they play with intensity and a high level, and they play together, and they communicate, and everybody is playing the sort of relentless, physical style you have to play to have a good defense, they have been very good."

Nick Saban does not offer high praise during a season. Given that he guards against over-praising, what he said Thursday night should be a headline-making rousing endorsement.

  • Auburn running backs ran on the Aggies, even with the Tigers having no passing threat. Alabama’s running backs and Jalen Milroe can and will run on the Aggies.
  • Will Reichard is a game-changer. In a game when field goals may determine the outcome, I expect Reichard to deliver as needed.
  • Reason number five is more a hunch than a claim. But my hunch is Jalen Milroe will rise to the challenge. With a Crimson Tide offensive line poised to play its best game, Milroe’s good plays will far outweigh any bad ones.

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From all reports the Crimson Tide had a great week of preparation. Given the season’s first five games, any level of smugness that existed has no doubt been cast aside. A not smug but confident Alabama football team will prevail in College Station.